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Live match thread for Shanghai.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 10, 2010


Can we have a live match thread for Shanghai, TP? Thnx.


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  1. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    Poor David Ferrer! Stuck in a rain-delayed final in Beijing against Djokovic while the rest of the Shanghai tourney gets started, then has to fly out to play his first round against Michael “Giant Killer” Llodra, then potential 3rd round against Soderling, Quarters against TheMightyFed and Semis against The Djoker again!
    No rest for the weary… but if anyone has the stamina to pull it off, it might be Ferrer, right?

    Also, interesting to see if one of the two Dicks (Berdych or Roddick) can improve their rankings to qualify for the WhatTheF– I mean WTF championship later in London!

    Will Rob Sod regain his indoor touch & maintain relevance?

    And Why on earth is Nicky Davy still in the top 6 in the world, let alone top 60? Where’s he been? Partying with Del Potty, from what I heard…!

    And does Youzhny have enough left in the tank to score some points & maintain his place among the elite 8? Or will he falter down the stretch and succomb to the effects of his headache?

    Got more good questions? NO YOU DON’T!!!!!

  2. Jenny said

    No rest for the weary… but if anyone has the stamina to pull it off, it might be Ferrer, right?

    Well said, Lord Oompa Loompa. He does have the talent, stamina, guts and heart, but to beat Michael Llodra in his first round the following day, I’m not so sure.

    • banti said

      Thanks Lord Oompa Loompa for the summary of what’s at stake and for whom. Llodra had a big win recently, forget against whom and where. Fer has his work cut out for him in the latter rounds.

      Fed’s draw looks like a fun one. The Isner match should be a good one to watch.

  3. Jenny said

    ‘one of the two Dicks (Berdych or Roddick’


  4. Jenny said

    Congrats to Nole for defending his title, it was a match of high quality tennis. They both had their moments of frustration which was hardly surprising really given the circumstances, Nole smashed a racquet and really killed it in anger during the first set, the comms were at a loss as to understand why, I felt the same, he was winning the set easily. David broke in the second, got himself to 4-2 but couldn’t serve out, he had his chances to level up, so his racquet went down with a bang and a scream. As Robbie Koenig said, when these two play there is ‘colour’ on the court, Serb and Spanish verbals, racquet throws. One thing for sure, it’s never boring.

    • jett09 said

      Thanks for the info Jenny, Shame I missed the match, it would have been a good one to watch. Sorry for David 😦

      Congrats Nole!

    • M said

      Thanks for the recap, Jenny. I didn’t see the match (a friend did who is wild for Nole and thrilled he defended his title).

      I’m almost glad they didn’t go to three, a chance for Ferru to have more recovery time if he wasn’t going to win.

  5. Jenny said

    Shanghai updates:

    All out and on their way home

    Verdasco #9
    Lopez [F-Lo]
    Almagro #16

    • jett09 said

      Wow 4 Spaniards already gone in the first round?? 😦

      • M said

        I know, right? And one to that new kid, Dolgopolov. We should keep an eye on him, I guess.

        This tournament looks lean and mean. For some reason I didn’t expect Stan and Gilles to be up against each other first round. Bang! Ka-pow!

      • jett09 said

        “For some reason I didn’t expect Stan and Gilles to be up against each other first round.”

        I thought so too M.

      • M said

        Also, looking through the draw, Jett, F-Lo went out to Jo-Wil Tsonga, whom I suspect is itching to get some points this tournament.
        The first set was close though.

        And deBakker made even his and Rafa’s match on clay in Monte Carlo look exciting.

        Doesn’t make it any less fun for so many Spaniards to be out so early, though.
        Looks like there’ll be more slashing and burning tomorrow.
        Montañes went out to Robredo, though. And G-Lo is still in it.

      • jett09 said

        “Looks like there’ll be more slashing and burning tomorrow”

        David Ferrer is playing today, hope he’s rested.

        😆 G-lo is Guillermo Garcia Lopez! I had to look at the draw to figure it out M.

      • M said

        LOL. Sorry, Jett – end of the day, energy low, I’m a little lazy now.
        With 2 Lopezes in the draw that are both Spanish I figured that’d be an easier way to tell them apart (F-Lo, G-Lo 😛 ).

        Plus his name is so looooong! Marat, Roger, Rafa — now these are name lengths I can get behind.

    • Jenny said

      More departures
      #10 Roddick [ret – right groin injury]

      • Jenny said

        #14 Cilic
        de Bakker
        #6 Davydenko

        NB I’ve only listed known names.

  6. Jenny said

    I can’t figure out what’s going wrong with Fer V these past months. He’s also become grumpy and tetchy, he was never like that when I first saw him play, even if he lost. Does he have injury niggles? Despite consulting the Agassi camp with initial success, it hasn’t lasted, the old demons are returning, he seems to be taking a retrograde step and is in danger of losing his current ranking. Okay, to date he had nothing to defend in Shanghai, but he has 90 points to defend in Paris, and 180 [270] to defend in Valencia.

    • Jenny said

      I have just been reminded of Verdasco’s movement from a respected commenter on another site, thank you for that, so very true. Despite his powerful shotmaking, he’s never been as fleet of foot as Rafa or has the dancing feet of Ferru, he can be ‘heavy’ on those plates of meat, and that is the big difference. De Bakker is a shotmaker and very nimble.

      • M said

        “plates of meat”

        Never heard it put quite that way before, but it sounds pretty applicable in this case.

      • Jenny said

        It’s Cockney rhyming slang – ‘Plates of Meat’ – Feet! I’m not London east end Cockney, btw.

      • M said

        LOL, Jenny! I remember someone asked you that before – you are so hip, and know all the slang.


      • Jenny said

        LOL M! I’m sure Senor Verdasco wouldn’t appreciate having his feet described as Plates of Meat or their hair as Barnet Fair. [Barnet is an area north of London which used to have a big fair].

    • jett09 said

      “I can’t figure out what’s going wrong with Fer V these past months. He’s also become grumpy and tetchy…”

      Yep Jenny, what is wrong with the boy?? Maybe it does his head in to stay in the top 10, that is a lot of pressure.

  7. Jenny said

    The diminutive Spaniard is through beating Michael L. 7 and 1. 🙂 Nico Almagro was there supporting. Michael may have had some injury issues, I had to nip in and out, but as far as I’m aware, he didn’t call the trainer? First thing Ferru said at the net,’are you okay?’ Typical.

  8. Jenny said

    All on their way home. Seeds still standing
    Kohlschreiber [retired]

  9. Jenny said

    Good wins over tough opponents for Djoko and Soderling.

  10. Jenny said

    And the Chilean miners are on their home way at last, 2000 ft underground! 🙂 Ch..Ch.. 🙂

    • Jenny said

      I’m sure you realised I put the first ‘smiley’ in the wrong place. Can you imagine being trapped 2000 ft underground since August!

      • jett09 said

        Jenny, we heard on the news that some miners wanted to be the last to be rescued because they wanted to be in the genius book of record. Darn I’ll be the first in line if I were them.

      • Jenny said

        LOL As long as they’re happy. I also heard they have been offered book deals and should make some good money, good for them. Keep bringing ’em up guys!

      • Jenny said

        I’ve got a stream on now! 13 out already. It looks like a Moonscape out there.

    • Bjornino said

      I still think the first guy who came up will get the most attention… But perhaps the last too 🙂
      I am sure they’ll all be very happy and content in any way. I saw the first come up live this night. Very moving moment when he hugged his family and then the president!

      • Jenny said

        I think the first guy was the unofficial cameraman. I didn’t see the actual footage, as you say very moving. We were in bed and heard it on the radio, live broadcast kept us awake for most of the night, we heard about the second guy coming up and the medic and engineer who went down.

      • Bjornino said

        Really? I thought he was a miner. At least he had sunglasses on and was hugging his family and they were all weeping. There is a live stream of the rescue on ABC news. The president is talking to the miners in the hospital nearby at the moment.

      • Jenny said

        Yes he is a miner too. Thanks for the updates.

      • Bjornino said

        Evo Morales speaking at the rescue site now.

      • Jenny said

        I’m watching in English on a live BBC thread, a British Anglican minister is being interviewed, he’s helping to support everyone spiritually. Apparently he’s the Presidential Chaplain.

      • Bjornino said

        Sebastián Piñera just made part of his speech in English. He speaks pretty good English, I must say. Seemed pretty improvised.

      • Jenny said

        No 14 Victor Zamora, a mechanic repairing vehicles and trapped.

      • Bjornino said

        Now president da Silva is calling them. Somehow it’s hilarous to watch these president standing there with helmets and calling eachother on their cell phones 😀

      • Jenny said

        Oh I know, our Comms called it a Latin American love-in! Hey, I should be watching tennis!

      • Jenny said

        Sorry to hijack the Shanghai thread, TP. Special moments coming from Chile, there’s a lot of love and hope going on there. I bet Fena, Massu and the other Chilean players are glued to screens watching it all unfold.

      • Bjornino said

        Just saw Cristina “I-wanna-be-Evita” Kirchner and David Cameron called Piñera as well. Did Obama call also?

  11. Bjornino said

    Nadal is front page-news on right NOW! Wow…during a second round match at a “small” tournament like Shanghai. That’s the sign that you’re a major star 🙂
    Nadal as always taking pressure of himself by saying stuff is possible…well, so far it’s worked pretty well ^^

  12. Sol said

    Anyone know why Gasquet, Monfils and Querrey all have 2 matches to play today? Rain delays?

    • Jenny said

      Probably rain delays all morning [a.m. from here anyway, 7hrs ahead of us]. That’s tough, I really sympathise, it happened in Buenos Aires on clay to Zeballos and Ferru [different opponents] this year, fortunately their scheduled doubs match with different players was cancelled!

  13. Jenny said

    Sorry to hear about Andy Roddick.

  14. Jenny said

    Great stuff from Roger so far. Isner needs to work on his returns.

    • Dee said

      No he doesn’t! 😆
      Fed did well and I haven’t seen him playing this well for a while.Have you noticed the unforced errors!

  15. chipnputt said

    Fed looking good. Striking the ball really well. But Isner isn’t really a threat once you figure out his serve so pretty relaxed.

    Rafa looked awesome — even better than he was a month ago.

    • Bjornino said

      I think Isner is sort of Blake/Bjorkman-ish. He’s so busy worshipping that he forgets that tennis is about beating the guy on the other side of the net, regardless of how many slams he’s won.

    • Jenny said

      Didn’t get to see Rafa, but good also.

    • banti said

      Really he was striking it better than in the Open. I need Rick’s opinion here to get perspective:)

      Rafa better than the Open? Well he’ll need it if he’s in the finals:)

  16. chipnputt said

    Roger just did a tweener and won the point!

  17. Jenny said

    We don’t want too much of that Roger!

    • Jenny said

      Recovered and held.

    • Sol said

      Did he play well?
      And he managed another tweener? It’s becoming a signature shot…

      • Jenny said

        I thought he did! He looked determined and not prepared to slug it out through tie breaks if he could help it, a bit of a quick kill really. I didn’t see the tweener, coffee called at that point.

      • Sol said

        Thanks for the info, Jenny. I’m at work and was following via livescores.
        Also nice to read your comments about the miners, I can’t watch anything. didn’t know there were 13 rescued so far. Anyone know how long it takes to get them out once they enter that capsule? I’m a claustrophobic and just thinking of that capsule (however nicely named “Phoenix”) makes me sick.

      • Bjornino said

        About 30 mins.

      • Bjornino said

        Sorry, about 20 mins:
        “The 33 men, who have survived more than twice as long as any other known survivor of a mining incident, have begun the final countdown after more than two months below the Atacama Desert.
        They have been undergoing tests to assess their health ahead of the rescue. Officials are concerned about acute hypertension in some of the miners as well as sudden drops in blood pressure in others because of the speed of the ascent to the surface.
        The men have been taking aspirin since Sunday to prevent blood clots and will wear a biometric belt that monitors heart rate and body heat and a special suit to maintain their body temperature.
        They will go from temperatures of about 90F (32C) underground to near freezing if they emerge at night.
        The miners have been put on a high-calorie diet designed by Nasa to prepare them for the 20-minute ride through the 2,051ft shaft.
        The liquid food enriched with potassium and magnesium should prevent nausea as the capsule spins 350 degrees some 10 to 12 times through the shaft at a speed of up to three feet per second.”

      • Sol said

        Oh God. Thanks Bjornino.
        20 minutes ride from hell. They deserve a medal just for that.
        I read they made a pledge not to tell what happened the first 2 weeks before anyone got in contact with them. You think maybe they’ve seen Satan in person or something? What a nightmare.

      • Jenny said

        The thought of standing in that capsule, urrgh, hate heights and enclosed spaces. A nightmare indeed.

        Next to be rescued, 15 Victor Segovia, an electrician. In a letter to his wife, ” this hell is killing me…….” Apparently it’s like an oven down there.

      • Bjornino said

        Hmmm…the first 2 weeks? I don’t think Satan would dwell in a Chilean mine, but could there have been some goats and inflatables involved, thus the pledge? 😉

      • RafaFan said

        Sol, watch this video: //Awesome stuff! You will like it! 😉 (don’t forget the leading wwww).

      • Sol said

        Thanks a bunch, RafaFan!
        Indeed awesome stuff. A “masterclass”, as the commentators say.
        So good to see him play like this. He hasn’t lost anything…other than consistency.

  18. Bettyjane said

    I’m at work so can only “watch” the Fed match via the live scoreboard. I like the extra features on this particular scoreboard (i.e. letting you know when a double fault or ace on second serve has occurred. Very cool)

  19. Jenny said

    It’s raining [AGAIN], Davydenko and Zverev have agreed to play in the main stadium as Fed has finished his match..

  20. Dee said

    Love fed’s colours.
    Nadal kept them waiting! how brave. I guess he can do that as #1. he was signing autographs.I thought that was very sweet of him.Did you guys see that high 5 ( or hand shake) they exchanged? How nice was that!So nice to see Fed playing again! ahhhhhmmmm!

  21. banti said

    “I’m hitting that shot so well now, it’s almost the most consistent shot in tennis these days,” Federer said, joking.

  22. Jenny said

    Comprehensive win for Nole, he’s looking strong, but barely any resistance from Reeshar as the 6-1 6-1 scoreline suggests. I love his game and talent, but as a fan it’s like flogging a dead horse. Murray through against Chardy, but I didn’t see it.

  23. Jenny said

    I’m opening my eyes to G G-Lo these days – he’s taken the first set from Berdych.

  24. xeres said

    Does anyone else think those blue bling bling curtains are a bit over the top ?
    Every time I see those flashy curtains I can’t help but laugh.I’m surprised TP hasn’t spotted them yet.

  25. Jenny said

    A little sloppy from David, so many break points thus far. At least we’ve got a competitive match, unlike Nole’s match which was like a damp squib.

  26. Serran said

    Uh, oh… Melzer running away with the first set. 3-1 and serve.

    I can’t watch from here, is Rafa doing okay?

  27. jett09 said

    Wow Rafa is struggling, Melzer is playing brilliantly!!

  28. jett09 said

    Wow 5-1 to Melzer! Too many errors from Rafa and Melzer is sooo good!

    • chieko said

      Incredible Jett09 san. I missed the match and still cannot believe what I have read. 😕 Wonder if he is tired.

      • jett09 said

        Hi Chieko Chan. Yeah he looked tired to me and his shots weren’t that deadly but of course Melzer played extraordinarily too. Kudos to Melzer, he served well and was aggressive. If he continues to play like that he’ll be in the top ten one day. I wish Melzer the best 😉

        Chieko Chan, Roger won yesterday so that was excellent! Congrats Roger!!! Goodluck for tonight’s match. I’m working tomorrow so I’ll miss it 😦

  29. chipnputt said

    Yes, Rafa is struggling but his biggest weapon is his head. Let it come to crunch time and he’ll be different. On strokes alone, Troicki had him in Japan.

  30. Sol said

    Wow, Nadal got a breadstick from Melzer. Unexpected. You think Nadal will pay him back a baggle in the second?

    BTW, Chieko san, I see Jenny told you in a comment above that Fed is playing tomorrow. He’s actually playing right after the Nadal/Melzer match according to the order of play.

    • jett09 said

      “You think Nadal will pay him back a baggle in the second?”

      Don’t think so Sol, Melzer is playing so brilliantly.

      “He’s actually playing right after the Nadal/Melzer match according to the order of play.”

      Cool, not too late here 😉

    • Jenny said

      Is he, thanks for that, Sol. I didn’t see him when I looked at the order of play last night.

    • chieko said

      Thank you Sol san. I missed the match but it is ok. I guess I shall catch it somewhere else later. Hope you enjoy the tournament !!! 😀

    • chieko said

      I think I may be able to watch Federer san later today. 😀

  31. chipnputt said

    Now the head is going to be tested. Meltzer has the break.

  32. Bettyjane said

    I was driving to work through the second half of the Nadal match. Please enlighten me and hi everyone!!

  33. chipnputt said

    Amazing. Rafa done and dusted. Really impressed by Meltzer’s mental fortitude. Two brilliant service games after breaking Nadal. Did not blink.

  34. jett09 said

    Congrats to Melzer, he played brilliantly!

    Sorry Rafa 😦 Rest up you looked tired.

  35. Jenny said

    I didn’t expect that! Well done Jurgen. Melzer is a very talented player who has become strong in the head. I’m sorry to other fans of defeated players, there were no real losers today, although I would question Reeshar in that respect, even Chardy put up more of a fight, and I like the guy! Also, well done, Pico!

    Positives: Rafa is #1 with a good cushion, he has already qualified for London, nobody can win every time.

    • chipnputt said

      Jenny, I’m on the outside. Who is Reeshar? Pico? Thanks.

    • Jenny said

      Another upset that will get the media’s knickers in a twist – post mortem and dissection here we come! 😈

      Q: Why do you think you lost today, Rafa?! Are your knees hurting ? Were you tired?

      • Sol said

        Yeah, definitely, Jenny.
        The media is going to say he was tired and his knees were probably hurting, even though he himself will say he’s feeling fine and Melzer played better. Just wait and see.

      • Bettyjane said

        From what very little I saw of that match, Melzer was hitting with tremendous pace and hitting the lines. I’m especially impressed that he won in 3. (Even moreso than in 2)

      • Jenny said

        I know I’m awful and can be a cynic but…. Rafa will be totally honest, he’ll be wanting to get home for a break.

      • RafaFan said

        Rafa was playing extremely well in the previous matches and now this! Rafa is in the peak of his career! Geeez. What can we learn from this. Everything is possible in tennis more than in any other sports, no?

      • RafaFan said

        Nadal said after the match:
        “I felt slow on court. “I had more mistakes than usual. I played shorter than usual. [I was] a little bit more tired than usual, just physically and mentally. [I] just [want to] congratulate him. It’s true, he played very aggressive, but [it] wasn’t very difficult [to] play that aggressive against me today. I am very, very happy about what happened to me during all the year,” said Nadal. “Two tournaments [remain] for me. [I will] enjoy these ones and try to play better than today.”

      • M said

        “Everything is possible in tennis more than in any other sports, no?”

        Yes. 😕 🙂

        Thank you for the interview snippet, RafaFan. I didn’t see the match, but I figured Rafa would be the last one to offer excuses.

        I also remember how dangerous Melzer was when he was here playing Roger; he really didn’t give away much at all and Roger had to fight for the match. It was pretty thrilling, and I figured Melzer would be upsetting somebody soon; I just wasn’t sure who it would be.

      • banti said

        Nothing unusual about Rafa losing to a top player on a hard court. As I’ve been saying all along, expect this to happen in the remaining two tourneys as well. Lets hope Verdasco qualifies for the WTF for Rafa’s sake.

      • claire said

        Ditto Sol – That’s the first thing I thought when Nadal lost – oh he’s tired from all the tournaments he played,etc.,etc.,etc………………….. Does anyone remember it mentioned that Federer had/was recovering from mono?

        “…but [it])wasn’t very difficult [go] play that aggressive against me today….”

        Is Nadal taking lessons from Federer?

        PS My friend’s brain surgery went well. He was eating an omelet this morning and will go home Saturday!
        They are optimistic but will get biopsy results next week to see if tumor was cancerous. I thought when a tumor is removed they can tell if it’s cancerous, right?

      • Jenny said

        Claire, No, a piece of the tumour has to be examined by histopathology to truly determine whether it’s benign or malignant. A surgeon tends to know on sight, but it has to be confirmed by the lab. I hope all goes well.

    • chieko said

      I agree Jenny san, 😀

  36. Sol said

    Yay, Roger.
    Didn’t see the match but from the livescores, it didn’t look like the walk in the park it was supposed to be.
    Hopefully he got some rythm in this match which will help him against his next opponent (don’t know who he’s playing next).

  37. kitty said

    Sorry but I find NAdal’s pressers very annoying with bland nothing new to learn, we can as well program his answers into a robot which would do the same job.

  38. Jenny said

    Pico’s on a bit of a roll here, can he keep it going against Melzer?

  39. jett09 said

    What was that drama all about?? Melzer not happy??

    • Jenny said

      LOL I don’t know!! Not a happy bun, Melzer said to the ump, ‘come down and explain it to me’ explain what I don’t know, the ref was called in. Melzer mentioned something about a rock concert! Was it to do with the crowd?

      • jett09 said

        I thought I heard the comms said something like the noise is coming from outside coz the roof is open?

      • Jenny said

        So it was outside distractions? Maybe there was loud music going on, hence his ‘rock concert’ remark.

      • Bettyjane said

        late to this question but Melzer was complaining about the loud rock music. Tennis Channel commentators weren’t exactly overwhelming us with information but that was the gist of it. At one point Melzer said “this isn’t a rock concert”

      • Jenny said

        Thanks for clarifying, Bettyjane. I think he was just plain tired, he was making errors and things were beginning to irritate him. Monaco isn’t a pushover which wouldn’t help either. Pico wasn’t complaining about anything.

  40. Jenny said

    Serve out the second set, Pico, you deserve this! Nice to see another Argentine in the frame.

  41. banti said

    Hey Jenny ! 🙂 I love some of Jurgen’s shots. I like him as a person from the interviews of seen of him. Definitely one of my top 10 players on the tour. But I can’t watch this match, 3 times of UE as winners there both averaging is just too much. Can’t wait for the Fed/Sod match. Its indoor so kinda worried for Roger but want him to make a statement and take it in two.

    • Jenny said

      Hi Banti! I like Jurgen too and his tennis. One wonders if everything is catching up with him, he can get fragile, and Pico’s a sweetie. I don’t mind who wins. 🙂 Looking forward to Roger’s match.

      • Jenny said

        Pico through to the semis, the look on his face says it all, well played 🙂 I’ll be rooting for you tomorrow. 😉 Sorry Jurgen, methinks out of gas.

  42. Dee said

    Ahhh! enough already.a 3rd set!

  43. Dee said

    Our sport channels are spot on, finally. While ATP’s on fox sport WTA is on Euro sport!Ivanovic match was so boring though!

  44. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Annacone is looking like he’s missing someone.

  45. RafaFan said

    Fedex is back! 🙂

  46. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Magnus norman will be covered with bruises later today. Then it will be the turn of the girlfriend. But before all that, watch out for a bunch of bent and smashed head rackets making their way to or some such website…

    Soderling will also announce his retirement from the game. I think he would if it were April 1.

  47. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    How utterly humiliating! The crowd was laughing at Soderling as he ran the other way when Roger smashed a winner past him. I will include Soderling too as a victim of the bruising I mentioned earlier. Only this time, it will be self-inflicted.

  48. Bettyjane said

    It was gratifying to see Fed close it out—-no hiccups. Easy for the mind to wander during a match like this.

  49. Dee said

    I love it! I love it! I love it! Yeaye!

  50. Jenny said

    C’mon Pico, hold that serve and grind.

  51. Jenny said

    Stop with the gifts, Pico. You could have got that firat set to a breaker at the very least.

    • chieko said

      May be he is tired Jenny san. I hope he focuses more. I am supporting your Pico san too. I think he did so well to have come this far.

      • Jenny said

        He could well be, Cheiko san. Murray running away with it, he does have more game than Pico, I’m not really surprised, clay would be a different matter. Pico having probs with his right knee – trainer on court.

      • chieko said

        I see. I do not know this Pico san too well. I am sorry that he lost. But I guess Murray san played better.

      • Jenny said

        Yes, fatigue and a possible injury situation kicking in, he’s played long and hard. Murray looks fresh as a daisy, but to be honest and with an easy draw, he hasn’t really been tested thus far. It’s over and Murray through to the final. Great tourney for Pico, well done and some healthy rank points.

  52. ricky said

    anybody watching? looks like serious stuff 🙂

  53. Jenny said

    Nole’s firing with that backhand. It’s on serve, but………..

  54. banti said

    Just tuning in to see Roger break:) Roger’s playing well, like he’s pissed off about something:)

  55. banti said

    volley by roger at 15-15 was out of this world.

  56. ricky said

    Amazing Roger Today! and yesterday too

    • ricky said

      he seems fit and fast and takes the ball early, like I haven’t seen him in a long time. Maybe because I’m not watching much these days…

  57. Bettyjane said

    Djoker must be so disheartened. Against anyone else he wins that first set 6-3. No hiccuping now Roger!!

  58. ricky said

    I wonder if TP is happy with Roger’s display? He is not happy about anything Roger does these days…

  59. chipnputt said

    The first set was just amazing tennis. Novak seems to have given up in this set. Roger looking good. Annacone has had a really good influence. Roger is looking to move in and while he’s not making to the net that much he’s moving forward on his shots and getting a lot more oomph on it. JUST LIKE BEFORE.

  60. chipnputt said

    Hold on — Sloppy Roger and Novak just broke back.

  61. Bettyjane said

    My Tennis Channel feed has been miserable for the last several games. aaargh! End this now Roger.

  62. Jenny said

    Okay Roger, no mistakes, serve it out!

    • chieko said

      Jenny san please be kind enough to print the score for I am experiencing computer problem right at this moment. Thank you. 😀

    • Jenny said

      And he did, well played Roger, though to the final 🙂 Kudos Nole, you tried your best, get some well deserved rest.

      Pity I’ll miss the final tomorrow, please keep the live thread going for me to read later, and I’ll expect to see Roger hoisting the trophy.

    • M said

      *takes hands from eyes*

      Thank you guys for your commentary. After what happened here in Roger’s semi, I was afraid to watch this morning, and I’m thrilled to see the scoreline.

      I was also a little apprehensive after having watched Roger’s match against the Sod because, even though Roger played some magnificent points and really stuck in a disciplined way to his strategy — the Sod made a lot of UEs and I figured Nole would play much better than that.

      I think Roger was right when he said he’d been working very very hard; I really think PA has been putting his foot in it.

      Congratulations, Roger! 😀

  63. banti said

    Well done Roger. Now we need to make that Murray H2H 7-6 tom.

    • Jenny said

      I think Mr M will find Mr F in a different league to an exhausted, possibly injured opponent who reached his first 1000 semi playing on his least favourite surface. This was a good victory for Roger today. Banti, I’ll expect some good commentary from you tomorrow!

      • banti said

        count me in. Great first step for the up and coming Argentine Jenny. Count me in as a new fan. He kinda reminds me of a young Roger:)

    • chieko said

      I am very happy too Banti san. What time tomorrow I wonder??

  64. chieko said

    HI Jenny san not to worry for I checked with Yahoo eurosport and I understand that Federer san has won. Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

  65. chipnputt said

    The London bookies have Murray as the favorite for the final.

  66. banti said

    Wow just read this. This is Roger’s 4th straight Masters series final. Only man ever to do that, he’s done it twice. Rafa has managed three in succession this year for the first time. Another sign of Mighty Fed’s versatility on all surfaces:)

    • M said

      Madrid, Toronto, Cincinnati, Shanghai. A well-chosen calendar for Roger.

      Rafa had to play his all squished together; I’m still happy he skipped Barcelona since he stayed healthy and the break seemed to prime him well for his clay sweep.

      I think Roger’s really been working hard, and he and PA have planned his season so he can peak at WTF.
      (Hopefully I’m not looking too far ahead. 🙂 )

      Congratulations, Roger!
      \o/ \o/ \o/

  67. BonnyBee said

    Can’t find anywhere how this affects their #2 & #3 rankings. Has anyone done the math? I’m thinking Fed must be racking up points since he didn’t play here last year.

  68. jett09 said

    Congratulations Roger!!! Didn’t see the whole match (friends over) but from what I saw, you were amazing!! You were on fire!! Well done!!

    Good luck for tonights match..I hope I can watch it…BRB

  69. Adrian said

    hello, guys!! everybody seems to be asleep for the shanghai final!! are you?

    just wanted to say i’m alive! jaja and i’ve missed you all!!

    GO FED!! still down a break in the 1st set…!

    • chieko said

      Hi Adrian san, I wish you the best!! Sorry that our Federer san just lost. But I hope he would not be as sad as I am now. 😦

  70. Bjornino said

    AMAZING passing shot! How did he do that?!

  71. Bjornino said

    Commies: “Murray toying with Federer.” Indeed.

  72. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Murray is playing outstanding tennis. Annacone will be beaten black and blue, tonight!

    • Bjornino said

      Yeah, Mirka will show up and tan his hide good. Murray would have beaten anyone today though. Nadal and Djokovic must be feeling lucky they didn’t end up in the final.

    • MHM said

      Murray was outstanding indeed. He deserved the victory, Congrats to him!
      But somehow i can’t get over that late call in second set that cost Federer a break.

      • chipnputt said

        Wouldn’t have mattered. Murray was much too good. But makes one think in general. This ball was on the baseline and was hit hard so understandable the linesman got it wrong. But, a player can get bailed out by a poor call — out of the point and the linesman wrongly calls OUT on your side. Wonder how Roddick or Serena would have reacted to that call?

      • MHM said

        “Wouldn’t have mattered. Murray was much too good”

        You are absolutely right Chipnputt, I guess it’s just hard for me to admit 😦

  73. chieko said

    Oh I feel that I have jinxed Federer san. When I was not watching he did so well and now I made a point of watching he did so poorly !! 😦

    However Murray san really did very well congratulate to him.

    It is great that Federer san is back to be no. 2 and gained 600 points. At least he does not have to defend next year. And I think he now knows what to look out for to go back to no. 1. ( I am trying to stay positive to balance my deep disappointment of tonight)

    I still love you Federer san. It is hard to beat Soderling san, and Djokovic and Murray san in a row. You have already done very well.

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  74. jennifur said

    congrats 2 murray + good tournament fed …

    back 2 europe 4 the tour’s end …

  75. chipnputt said

    Should be a great year coming up. Fed has started striking the ball much better, Murray and Djokovic are playing the best I have seen them play in a while, and Rafa is, well Rafa, #1 by a mile. Really enjoyable match today. The scoreline would suggest that Roger played badly, but I thought he played just fine. Murray was just awesome.

    Incidentally, there will probably be a large UE count on Roger today. It’s misleading. If its a 21 shot rally and you’ve hit 6 or 7 really good shots and they’ve all come back, so you go for a little extra on the 21st shot and miss. Is that really a UE? More like you got outplayed.

  76. Dee said


  77. Raj said

    Fed didn’t serve as well as he could have and his forehand let him down in crucial points and that cost him the match. Andy was outstandung, saved all his break points and served well when it counted. He deserved the victory.

  78. Jenny said

    Hi Everyone! We’ve just got in and have seen the result. Congratulations and well done, Andy. From your comments, it sounds like Andy outplayed Roger and thoroughly deserved his win. Sorry, Roger, well done for reaching the final, it’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Thank you for your comments, guys 🙂

  79. Nelson Goodman said

    Tough to swallow for me as a Fed fan, but it was a great high-level match.

    I take solace from the following exchange in Roger’s post-match presser. I think its tone and substance show a strong confidence on Roger’s part – not making excuses or other qualifications like he sometimes does when feel embattled, but simply declining to take the questioner’s invitation that it was anything but Murray’s great play:

    ” Q. When you haven’t played for a little while and clearly you decide to take a bit of time off, get some practice hours under your belt, is it just the small things that go off a little bit? One could look at one or two of your forehands today and probably say, That isn’t the Federer forehand we’ve grown to know and love. Is it just little things like that that you need to tighten up?

    ROGER FEDERER: I don’t know how much practice helps that, to be honest. You know, I think that’s Andy making the target smaller for myself. Like you say, a normal match, that thing goes in the corner. I’m not going to miss those shots.
    But, look, today, the whole match just turned out for me, every time it got important, it was not going my way. Then you feel like it’s a wave coming at you and you just can’t escape it. That’s kind of the feeling I had today.
    You don’t play with frustration, you just try to play decent. But against top guys who are in the lead and who are on a roll, it’s hard to turn it around, you know. I mean, you’re going to maybe turn that around, what, 20% of the time, if that. I tried to do it, but, you know, he was better. “

  80. banti said

    Congrats to Andy as well. He took it to Fed today. Fed needed to produce his absolute best tennis to hang with him and he did not. So hats off, Andy played extremely well and deserved it. One of a handful of matches Fed I felt was just outplayed.

    • Jenny said

      It happens to the best of them, doesn’t it, Banti. I hope TP or someone posts a clip. We had a lovely day, but we couldn’t get any news on the car radio. Actually, I flipped into the ATP site first, saw the result which did surprise me, in straights too, and then came here and read the comments.

      • banti said

        I wish I could say the same:), woke up early to watch it. Did manage to tune out in the middle of the second. The rest of the year should be super exciting if this tournament was any indication of what’s to come. If only Potro was in form as well to add that final element needed in the men’s tour.

  81. jett09 said

    Congrats to MAndy, a well deserved victory. Sorry Roger 😦

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