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Which ‘sports’ shot makes you delirious?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 10, 2010


Tennis: The perfect lob that evokes an involuntary jerk from the opponent before being paralysed from the futility of even thinking of getting to it.

Boxing: Upper cut that wobbles everything from the chin up so crazily that anything below turns to jelly – instantfreakingly.

Basketball: The ‘impossible to defend’ fade away that swishes – from the corner of the court.

Cricket: The diving catch in the slips. Is that what it’s called?

Soccer: ‘Full stretch in the air parallel to the ground’ goalie deflecting a certain goal.

NFL: ‘The looong high in the air’ perfect touch down pass.

Baseball: ‘Climb on the wall’ catch.


14 Responses to “Which ‘sports’ shot makes you delirious?”

  1. wuiches said


    I don´t really follow NFL too much but when a do I’m always waiting for that kind of shot.

  2. Jenny said

    I should say boxing because of family connections, I won’t because it doesn’t. It’s tennis for me.

    • M said

      I should say baseball because of family connections, but it’s tennis for me too, Jenny!

      Here in New York, Citi Field (the Mets stadium) is right across from the BJK Tennis Center. The night of Rafa and Nole’s final, I didn’t even know the Mets had won in 10 innings the same night — one of my friends had to tell me!

    • M said

      Jenny, I know so little about boxing that I did not know who Lennox Lewis is, and had to look him up.

  3. M said

    Roger’s classic devastating serve and backhand half-court volley …
    Rafa’s new rocket serve and buggy-whip forehand …
    And of course Feña’s “Mano de Piedra” — the fh from the man they call “Stone Hand”



  4. Growltiger said

    Tennis: Djokovic’s two handed backhand — the main reason he’s my favorite. The second reason is his hair looks like my late German Shepherd’s hair coat (called a plush coat in dog terms).

    NFL – the pile up at the line of scrimmage when suddenly the ball carrier bursts out like from a cannon and runs down the field for a TD. When it’s MY team, of course (Texans, Jets).

    Soccor and the rest: Watching the paint dry on the freshly painted walls.

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