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Solomon Burke died yesterday. Rest in Peace Mr Burke. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 11, 2010


Solomon Burke died yesterday :( Rest in Peace Mr Burke.


7 Responses to “Solomon Burke died yesterday. Rest in Peace Mr Burke. From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    It’s said that he is the guy for whom “Rhythm and Blues” was named what it is.
    Thank you, Mr. Burke.

    And thanks, Jenny.

  2. Bettyjane said

    A profound loss for all fans of soul, r&b and the like. He packed alot of living in his life. Think he had over 20 kids, God luv him.

    Thanks for this great reminder Jen!

  3. Jenny said

    You’re welcome, ladies. I believe he started his adult life as a preacher.

    • Bettyjane said

      Yes indeed. I believe he worked with Dr. King.

      • Jenny said

        I think he did. I believe he was also known as ‘The Reverend’. I loved his voice, rhythm and blues, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and many more male and female, too numerous to mention. Charles version of ‘I can’t stop loving you’ is, imo, the greatest, but Burke’s version is pretty good too.

      • Jenny said

        For you, Bettyjane and anyone else who enjoyed his music!

        PS Bettyjane – Sunday’s the day for handsome boy!

  4. RafaFan said

    Rest in peace Mr. Burke. Solmon “Burke fathered 21 children (14 daughters and 7 sons),[9] had 90 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.” Geeezz! source: wikipedia I have no idea how someone can educate 21 kids. At least you need a restaurant at home. OMG.

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