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Another all-time-great has left us. R.I.P. Dame Joan Sutherland. From Bjornino. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 12, 2010


After Solomon Burke, another all-time-great has left us. R.I.P. Dame Joan Sutherland. One of the greatest voices ever!

This is a short documentary video from BBC:

And this is a longer obituary from yahoo news:

She was also sort of credited with “discovering” Pavarotti :-)


16 Responses to “Another all-time-great has left us. R.I.P. Dame Joan Sutherland. From Bjornino. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thank you for posting, Bjornino, I heard the sad news this morning 😦 A true great in the opera world, RIP Dame Joan.

  2. Anonymous said

    She was a very gracious woman, I heard her sing “Lakme” in Philly in 1968/69 and afterward, she met all who wanted to meet her. She signed every one’s program, I remember her flawless skin!

    • Bjornino said

      I envy you. I wish I had heard her. Most of the really great singers are gone…The Golden Age of singing only lasted until the 70s. The only TRULY great voice I heard live was Olga Borodina at La Scala a few years ago. She was Dalila in Samson et Dalila with Placido Domingo and when she sang “Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix” time stood still! At the end of the aria Samson sings a few lines as well and Domingo sounded HORRIBLE. I wanted to stand up and shout “Shut up and let the girl sing!” LOL
      But in the end I didn’t 😛

      • Bjornino said

        Funny, I was looking around on youtube and found THAT performance from Scala 😀
        Don’t know if it was the actual show which I attended but it’s the same production. And Domingo ruins the aria at the end 😛
        The sound quality is not great though. I don’t think the richness of Borodina’s voice comes through 100%…

        Here it is:

  3. Bettyjane said

    Called the “greatest colaratura of all time” by many in the know. Although critics would lambast her horrific diction lol. Oh dear, the rule of 3 means one more to go…

    RIP Joan. You were always a class act and true artist.

    • Jenny said

      I’ve always loved the colaratura soprano voice, it can produce goosebumps.

    • M said

    • Bjornino said

      “Oh dear, the rule of 3 means one more to go…”
      In the world of opera, three truly greats have left us in the past four months. Cesare Siepi, one of the greatest basses of all time, died early July… He was my favorite bass, along with Samuel Ramey and Laszlo Polgar. Polgar died a few weeks ago, only 63 years ago, very unexpected. I heard him many times at the Zürich Opernhaus. I will never forget his Seneca in L’Incoronazione di Poppea… I don’t understand why he didn’t become a superstar, with that voice..

  4. clifford said

    What a shame. I heard her several times at the Canadian Opera Company when I was quite young, and she was amazing. And, of course, everybody loved her, partly because we knew she wasn’t going to last forever, and felt lucky that we had the chance to hear something really spectacular.

    • Bjornino said

      I envy you too…you are very lucky…

    • clifford said

      Bjornino, there is a Verdi soprano named Sondra Radvanovsky who is singing Aida in Toronto right now whose singing is such an amazing event- it’s as though the “golden age” was here again! She’s just warming up for the Met (and it’s not a very attractive production for her) but good god, she’s really something. Luckily, Toronto knows what it’s hearing, and she gets amazing cheers every night!

      • Bjornino said

        Nice to hear! Btw, did u see the live broadcast of “Das Rheingold” from the Met last weekend? IMO the singer who OWNED there was Alberich – Eric Owens. Bryn Terfel is just a number to small for Wotan. He got through Rheingold-Wotan – barely – and he’s going to be in deep trouble come Walküre… The production is pretty spectacular, it’s by Robert Lepage!

  5. M said


  6. chieko said


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