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What grade would you give Anaconda as Federer’s coach so far?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 12, 2010

Under him Federer has done:

Toronto: Final – Lost to Murray in straight sets.

Cincy: Winner – Beat Fish & Turtle in three close sets (2 of them tie breaks).

US Open: Semifinal – Lost to Djokovic in five sets.


10 Responses to “What grade would you give Anaconda as Federer’s coach so far?”

  1. M said

    IMHO, it’s about way more than just the immediate victories.
    It’s about assessing how to optimally extend Roger’s career over the long term for as long as he wants to stay with us and play.

    And Roger *did* win Cincinnati for the record-tying fourth time. And he *did* make it all the way to the USO semis, and it *was* a five-set match … and Nole really *did* want that win.

    Even if we didn’t get our FEDAL final.
    *pouts, tries to get over it*

  2. Jenny said

    A good choice in Annacone for a fresh pair of eyes and ears, but basically it’s mostly down to Fed himself and how much HE wants it. At the end of the day, he’s alone on the court.

  3. Growltiger said

    Federer has all the goods as he’s proved for the past decade. I don’t see him as stubborn, but rather wanting to “dance with the one what brung him” (a solid all round game). INMH convincing Federer to go to the met more is like inviting him to a Jim Jones Kool Aid party — every top pro has a passing shot hit with such velocity as to know a normal person on his can. That he can even hold on to the racquet is a testament to the volleyer. Anacone ran to the net every chance he got. If he’s teaching that to Roger, Roger is going to be in a world of hurt against Rafa, Djoko, Murray (who LOVES to see people come to the net), Berdych, DelPo or any of the other hard hitters.

    • Bjornino said

      I’ll agree with that, wich the exception of Murray, who’s slowly but surely becoming Federer’s new Roddick.

      • Jenny said

        “wich the exception of Murray, who’s slowly but surely becoming Federer’s new Roddick.”

        True, and with due respect to his second round opponent, a Chinese wildcard, [I can’t even find his profile] it was hardly competition thus far.

  4. Growltiger said

    Oops, I meant “net” not “met”.

    and “knock” instead of “know”

    Shouldn’t have typed. Not enough coffee yet.

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