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How much does IQ / intelligence impact an athlete’s rank on the totem pole?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 13, 2010

Even though it’s a no brainer what an athlete needs to do for a win, releasing the onus of intelligence from factoring in as significantly in shaping the final product as maybe a brain surgeon’s operation, it nevertheless must be impacting at some level to propel a sportsperson beyond what just their physical attributes can deliver.

How about a tennis player? If former greats are any indication the prospects look pretty bleak, don’t you think? Sampras doesn’t even break the tape. Laver isn’t a picture of genius either. Lendl? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!! Borg? Even a cucumber looks more vibrant. Closest that any tennis great comes to that yardstick is John McEnroe. Agassi may be a distant second.

How about others who officially have scored high marks on paper? Roddick, Blake………… Did it help them get where they are with their ‘other’ person falling way short in getting them to ‘greatland’? I mean, without the verified intelligence could they have languished among players ranked 100 and beyond for most of their career?

Or is it completely irrelevant once you reach the basic threshold? Federer and Nadal may not be material that can get clubbed with Lendl, Borg, Sampras etc. but they are not McEnroe gear either.

How about other greats? Ali has to top the list of greats with super intelligence. Jordan may make the grade too – barely. Armstrong? Pele? Don’t think so.

Bottom line: “It’s not how good you are, it’s how bad you want it”?


One Response to “How much does IQ / intelligence impact an athlete’s rank on the totem pole?”

  1. M said

    As you know, TP, there are different kinds of intelligence. Among other things, I would imagine our tennis champions have tremendous spatial perception to accompany their other strategic talents.

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