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Nadal gets testy @ presser regarding Murray.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 13, 2010

Q.  Andy Murray just said he thought he and his partner won the game last night against you and your partner.  I want to hear the story from your side.  Who won?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Is not a story about that.  That’s the true.  I not going to answer because everybody who was there knows who win yesterday night.  So if he’s happy coming here and lie everybody, it’s okay (smiling).

But we won, that’s true.  Monaco and me, we won 2-1.  That’s true.  But, anyway, if he doesn’t recognize that they lost, we don’t gonna play against them another time.  That’s for sure.

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13 Responses to “Nadal gets testy @ presser regarding Murray.”

  1. Jenny said

    I’m sorry, I can’t get the link. I know Andy’s made very odd comments about some of his matches in the past which made me wonder if I was watching the same match, especially on clay when he came up with a similar statement. I can’t comment on this one without knowing the facts. What doubs match is Rafa referring to? Whatever, surely a win is a win isn’t it?

    • Jenny said

      I’ve had a hunt around, are we talking Playstation here?!!

      • Sol said

        Lol, Jenny. It is playstation.
        Reminds you what a bunch of kids these athletes really are. It’s cute.
        Check out pico’s twitter, he makes fun of Murray and vice versa. Also says Isner wants to learn spanish.
        Apparently Fed is taking mandarin lessons in Shanghai too.
        I’m amazed at the amount of info you can get by reading the player’s twitter. It’s crazy that they would share so much personal stuff with the public.

      • Arjun said

        Very likely it’s video games. They’re joking.

      • Jenny said

        Pico’s in the clique with the footie games and all that stuff. Boys will be boys, they rarely grow up! I’m living with two ‘toddlers’, one well past his prime, although they’re never been into Playstation.

  2. mircea said

    Uncle Toni wasn’t coaching

  3. Growltiger said

    I follow Murray’s Tweets and he seems more interested in fantasy football than tennis. Who is “Pico”. Djoko used to Tweet but quit.
    Didn’t know Federer tweeted.

    • Jenny said

      Pico is Juan Monaco, I like him a lot. Murray does love his fantasy games that’s for sure!

      Yes, Fed tweets. Ferrer doesn’t as far as I’m aware, he interacts with his fans on his own site.

      • Sol said

        Fed tweets?!? How did I not know that? Are you sure, Jenny? There are many Roger Federer twitter pages but I don’t think it’s really him. There’s one Roger Federer Twitter page which is really funny about “all the things you didn’t know about Roger Federer”. But it’s in French.

      • Jenny said

        I thought he tweeted, you could be right, you’re the Fed expert, Sol. To be honest, I’m not really into tweet stuff.

  4. kitty said

    Sorry but I find NAdal’s pressers very annoying with bland nothing new to learn, we can as well program his answers into a robot which would do the same job.

  5. MHM said

    oh Sol i just checked Pico Monaco’s twitter out of curiosity, and then through that i found Carlos Moya’s Twitter and this pic of his daughter:
    “Carlita and her new Tennis teacher”.. soooooo cute!

  6. Anonymous said

    Kitty: why would you expect to learn anything from a prezzer?!! Pity the players who are asked the same tired questions over and over again. This little spat is over a PSP football game challenge. Rafa and Pico won the first match; the second went to extra time and – according to Andy – Rafa and Pico refused to take penalties because they said they did not know how – they said it was a draw but Andy thinks they won. The 3rd match was won by Andy and his friend. They played a 4th match and Rafa and Pico won, hence they do not appreciate Andy saying he won! Andy spelt it all out in his interview today!

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