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Two matches worth watching tomorrow.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 13, 2010

Djokovic vs Gasquet.

Soderling vs Ferrer.


6 Responses to “Two matches worth watching tomorrow.”

  1. Jenny said

    They should be good. Robin and David – here we go again, those two seem to be haunting each other of late! Haven’t seen Nole and Reeshar play each other for some time, looking forward to it.

  2. xeres said

    The first one was not the mouthwatering prospect it was projected out to be.Sigh !

    Let’s see what Jenny’s Ferru does today 😀

    • Jenny said

      I’m sure he’ll put up more of a fight than Reeshar and he’s played a heck of a lot more tennis. We shall see how he holds up. Vamos David!

  3. Growltiger said

    Are we seeing a new Djokovic? Normally when Novak wins a first set easily, he goes away for the second set. He didn’t against Luby, a friend of his. He hung in there the way he did against Federer in the US Open and put Luby away in two. UNHEARD of for the old Nole.
    He lacked the killer instinct and ALWAYS let up. He dug down and got tough in Davis Cup against Berdych when to lose meant the end of Serbia’s dreams; he played well in Beijing, firing hard on all wings (except for that infernal drop shot. Were I his coach I’d fine him $10K every time he tried it and missed it – money to give to charity).

    I think the match against Reechare will be telling. Which Djoko shows up.

    Soderling? He dictates play. If he shows up, he’ll win; if he doesn’t, he won’t. (Mentally I mean).

    • Jenny said

      It was a great match from Nole, but let’s be honest, Reeshar was hardly any competition.

      Soderling is beatable, a clearly tired Ferrer was somewhat sloppy with gifts, he had so many chances to even it up with break points but couldn’t capitalise. It was Soderling’s big serve and power that got him out of trouble.

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