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Why Nadal can now no longer NOT come to the net.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 13, 2010

He has no choice now. He will have to improve his net game out of bare and sheer necessity. Why?

Because his serve has improved. Even though his ace count is not where it should be, he is still able to generate enough pace and placement to evoke a weak response – within the next two shots in the rally – to win the point. With the opponent scrambling to barely stay in the point with far more severity than in the past it will be foolish for him to now stay back when just a nudge at the net will do the needful.


One Response to “Why Nadal can now no longer NOT come to the net.”

  1. TheHumbleOne said

    Interesting point you make here, TP, and yes, I would agree Rafa would be well-served (no pun intended) to come in and VOLLEY more. Funny thing is, I believe his net game is already quite good, but he chooses not to come in mosttimes, his comfort level is back behind the baseline.
    However, as he has improved his overall game including the serve, and improved confidence on all surfaces, he could additionally improve his confidence coming in to the net and spare himself a few of his lengthy rallies, being forced into a defensive position and then pulling out a miraculous winner from an impossible position in the court!
    I’ll bet you’ll start to see alot more serve & volley from Rafa within the next couple of years, probably just in time for the Perfect Storm of Wimbledon 2012/Olympic games 2012 at the AELTC, don’t ya’ think?
    Just my Humble Opinion…

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