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And why are there no shoes for tennis?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 14, 2010

Nearly every sport has it’s own specialty shoe. Granted hard courts will eliminate many types but grass can take some. Maybe even clay. Isn’t the sole purpose of shoes in other sports is to allow players more traction thereby improving the quality of play, avoid injuries among others?


9 Responses to “And why are there no shoes for tennis?”

  1. Jenny said

    They do have grass court shoes.

    • M said

      I thought I remembered seeing in some vid one of our boys did that they have claycourt shoes too, Jenny.
      And the treads seem different on the bottoms of the hardcourt from either the claycourt or grasscourt shoes too, don’t they?

      I mean, it seems like it would make sense. “Different sufrace”, to paraphrase Rafa. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I believe you’re right M. Shoes for clay, shoes for grass.

        “There are three different types of tennis courts. They are hard courts, clay courts and grass courts and each have their own characteristics which demands unique shoe designs”

  2. D.S.G. said

    I have a pair of tennis shoes…

    • M said

      Are they for grass, clay, or hard courts, D.S.G.? 😛

      • D.S.G. said

        You’re way ahead of me, M. They’re Converse tennis shoes I bought many years ago . Just plain tennis shoes that no self-respecting tennis player would use.
        But with the way I play tennis it doesn’t matter…


      • M said

        LOL, D.S.G. At least you try — I played so badly I had to give up.
        As I told a lady I was chatting with at the Open, I’m halfway decent with sports & activities that only require moving the body through space – dance, ashtanga yoga, etc.
        But you put something in my hand, like a racquet, with which I actually have to strike a ball? That’s probably going to get ugly quick … 😆

        “They’re Converse tennis shoes I bought many years ago .”

        So you’re telling us you’re a bona fide hipster fashionista! 😛

  3. D.S.G. said

    Hey! I like that fashionista thing you said. For a few weeks last year I attended a —-what do you call it—workout thing. The trainer told me to throw my tennis shoes away (and he was SERIOUS) and get something which would be better for whatever. I quit the class instead. I don’t like to exercise anyway. Maybe if I just ate the strawberries and walnuts that Sir V suggests I wouldn’t have to think about an exercise whatever.

    • M said

      LOL, D.S.G.
      I think we have to do both (and that your trainer might’ve been right, if for no other reason than joint stability 🙂 ).

      After all, the better shape we’re in, the better tennis fans we can be, right? To be able to survive the sleep deprivation of following the time zones of the circuit and still be (somewhat) effective and cheerful throughout the day? To be able to dodge the other fans without knocking anyone down and slip effectively around security to get souvenirs from our favorites? 😛

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