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Federer vs Soderling a grudge match?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 14, 2010

For rock people, Soderling has defeated Federer just once in 14 attempts but it came at a sensitive place for Federer called Roland Garros – this year. Since that loss Federer has brought the train back on tracks by dispatching Soderling at the very next encounter – in straight sets – at a Slam called US Open – under severely debilitating weather conditions – @ the same round – quarterfinals.

Soderling was visibly more than upset at that loss as he appeared to be thinking that he has turned the whole thing around once and for all. Here’s his chance to settle the score before it blows back to its original proportion. Add the disputed call that uncovered the bristling Soderling felt throughout the match both from Federer and the weather Gods and you know he may not celebrate too wildly if he looses again.

For Federer, it’s another measure to gauge how far along he is on the road to recovery while validating the mini hard court run he is on since Wimbledon. With Nadal out and Murray misfiring – consistently – Djokovic may be all Federer may have to contend with for the title – looking forward.

Despite losing on the biggest leverage to save his season in US Open, Federer can still salvage the year if he can end up with close to five titles. He has four more events after this to get there – with two titles in the bag.

Soderling will be coming in to turn the spectacle into a dog fight and prove that his US Open loss was more due to the conditions than the opponent. De facto final? Could be unless Djokovic refuses to relent from his great form.


9 Responses to “Federer vs Soderling a grudge match?”

  1. chieko said

    🙄 I see.

  2. TGiT said

    TP must have ment the next match not the one played today. 🙂

    • banti said

      Lol lets hope that’s what he meant. Tomorrows match is going to be a close one. If Roger brings his A game , I think he bags this title. 5-6 titles this year would be amazing. He would just have to defend his Aussie title to have a very realistic chance at getting his number 1 ranking back before the clay court season. He may not retire even if he pulls it off but an option it could be:) He could make wild card appearances in the slams to scare the hell out of everyone leading up to the draw. The little Federinas in both his arms when they give him his Number 1 trophy back? ok i’ll stop.

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