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Melzer makes Nadal pay for Thailand AND Japan.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 14, 2010

Nadal gambled miserably and lost or did he? Melzer has reached career high rank of 12 already from 28 in January. Over his nine year career, he has amassed nearly $5 million but $1.5 of it has come this this year. Not enough? This season he has defeated players like Verdasco, Fish, Djokovic (@ Roland Garros quarters no less), Ferrer, Cilic, Nalbandian……………..He is three spaces short in qualifying for WTF.

Nevertheless, there’s a lesson for Nadal somewhere. Nadal appears to be getting way ahead of himself emboldened by improved serve and knees. Besides, I feel the ONLY way Nadal can post consistent results on hard courts is to flatten his shots. Those loopy returns give way too much time for opponents to set up and blast away leaving Nadal scrambling. Likes of Soderling, Berdych, Delpo or even Cilic will blow him off the court if he is even slightly off the mark – something specially he can expect over the long hard court season unless just winning the US Open is the only motivation.

But that top spin gear is so deeply embedded in his psyche by now that clearing the net will become a major issue without the margin extra mustard allows.

Translation: Unless Nadal is 110 percent winning hard court titles will be more a function of the draw – over long haul.


7 Responses to “Melzer makes Nadal pay for Thailand AND Japan.”

  1. M said

    Melzer’s fierce. He didn’t give Roger an inch when he was playing him here.

    Also, I wonder how much of Rafa’s UE count going up is a function of something Roger has said he does — more risks, therefore, more errors?

  2. Jenny said

    Melzer has always been a fine player with variety. Given his talent, it’s amazing he’s only won two career titles at 29yrs old, 1 on clay, 1 on hardcourt 2006 and 2009, he’s reached 7 finals. At one time he could be in the ascendancy, almost to the point of winning and then crumble, he doesn’t do that these days.

    • M said

      “At one time he could be in the ascendancy, almost to the point of winning and then crumble, he doesn’t do that these days.”

      Given that especially, can’t help but with he’s have been on Nole’s quarter — sounds like they would’ve been well-matched, given Nole’s recent showings — rather than Rafa’s.

    • M said

      “Can’t help but *wish* ”

      🙄 @ self

  3. Dee said

    I just finished watching the replay of 3rd set.I watched 2 sets and thought Nadal would win and went to bed.I don’t know it was just me, I’ve noticed most Melzer retuns went straight to Nadal’s body just in front of him. Nadal is pretty good at hitting amazing shots on the run but when they are infront of him, he was rattled.and of course Melzer shots were so powerful and clean. It was a treat to watch such a good quality match. Well done Melzer!

  4. sperry said

    If you close one eye and squint the other, Melzer look a little like Russell Crowe?

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