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Accusations against Federer not helping matters.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2010

While it appears Federer is telling the truth when denying all charges, the impact of the rehearsal given recent high-profile athlete break outs can be devastating specially when Federer looks more vulnerable than anytime in his career with no injury or illness to back it up. He has to be rattled as the stakes are too high compared to what he has on the plate today.

It’s hard not to be running high on emotions like anger, betrayal, fear etc. while dealing with office work piling up by the minute. It could very well play a significant part in his match against Djokovic. Even mental giants are moved by such a strong hit on their integrity built painfully over decades. Federer is not known for his mental toughness.

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15 Responses to “Accusations against Federer not helping matters.”

  1. sperry said

    Ok. I’m game…I’ll be the first. What the hell are you talking about?

  2. M said


    http: // tennisplanet. wordpress. com /2010/10/15/ federer-i-have-nothing-to-hide-from-wuiches-thanks/

  3. M said

    Oops – sorry for the double post.

    On topic – I think Roger is working very hard at being tough-minded by now.
    I think his work with PA involves a good deal of mental as well as physical discipline, and I think his improvements through the latter half of this season are starting to show the evidence of working hard.

  4. sperry said

    Ooopppss. My bad. I looked for a link, but didn’t see it, even though it was right in front of me. Thanks for the response, though…appreciate it.

  5. ricky said

    is it necessary to spread these idiocies even more?

  6. evie said

    Why isn’t there more outrage that the CEO of IMG is betting on sporting events? Are you kidding me?! I’m stunned that behavior is considered acceptable. It’s obvious the jeopardy such idiocy puts his clients in. Of course someone could randomly accuse one of their top guys of giving insider info. What’s the downside to the accuser? The CEO should be fired.

    • D.S.G. said

      Yeah! What Evie said.

      I mean, REALLY.

    • M said

      Ladies, nothing’s been proved here yet. In a follow-up, the CEO has called for an extortion investigation into the plaintiff who’s suing.

      I think if there were anything to any of this TMZ would’ve tried to break it long ago (the events they’re feverishly writing about occurred around 2007, FGS), as desperate as they are for pageviews.

      I’d prefer to follow Roger’s lead and irnore the whole thing.

  7. Mir said

    I do not believe such rubbish on Roger. He is fighting to break records and someone is telling us that he did not win RG because of someone else betting. IT IS RIDICULOUS. Someone is out to harm Roger.

    Look at what they did to Davydenko. The poor guy did not play well for a long time. It make him sick. Is that what they want to do to Roger as well!

  8. bunnee said

    what a waste of air space!

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