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Federer humiliates Soderling for the second straight time to set up the US Open deja vu semifinal against Djokovic.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2010

This is turning into another US Open run. Murray should feel quite excited about the similarity as Nadal is already out just like he was for Nadal at the US Open to allow the career Slam. Djokovic might not feel too bad either. Besides two straight wins over Federer right after a match he literally butchered Soderling would count for something – without a title. If things go by script Murray will land on center court with a tired finalist begging to be taken out of his misery.

For Federer, despite the pasting of Soderling, Djokovic’s current form AND the precedent may make it a tad disconcerting to feel as good about the whole drama as Djokovic and Murray. But Federer must be riding that ‘top of the world’ feeling once again after the relentless battering of Soderling. Two freaking break sticks in 53 freaking minutes and this: The pair split the opening two games of the match before Federer won the next 10? WOW!!!!!!!!!! Soderling has to feeling happy he didn’t come up for air in the rankings during Federer’s hey days. How do you freaking face your family and relatives after this? Without the thumbs?

While it was a major performance, considering Federer’s current plight, he has done nothing yet. He needs titles to inject life into his sputtering career hounded by wolves demanding his head – in retirement and more. Even Anaconda is not off the hook until that happens. Federer has been able to reach at least the quarters and more at most events he has lost since about this time last year. It’s the home stretch that’s proving elusive over and over again making it even more painful than losing in the early rounds as you are right there.

Additionally, Murray is not doing too bad either having not lost a set just like Federer and Djokovic with the ‘time on court’ stat pretty much even for all three. So it’s a true test of how much Federer has progressed with Anaconda, his own motivation, Mirka’s infidelity with Anaconda etc. etc. Winning a title going through Soderling, Djokovic and Murray back to back to back will register big time on the northbound scale while moving the title number for the season to three from one just a few weeks ago.

But this is also Djokovic’s opportunity to validate his US Open win over Federer and the mini run he has been on lately not to mention the Beijing schedule disaster and that he played Davis Cup right after US Open. While it’s tempting to predict a Federer win, Federer’s past inconsistencies, Djokovic’s resiliency, US Open precedent, history between the two etc. make it harder to sway.

As a fan thirsting for exciting closely fought matches, you cannot ask for more despite Nadal’s absence. Nadal is clearly more concerned about ensuring Federer is not able to catch up on his Masters title lead and the No. 1 rank cushion than anything else. Nadal’s had his fill for the season and may already be dreaming of a calendar Slam translating everything else including WTF into trivial annoyance that has to be endured for appearance sake.

For Federer and his team, expectations shoot through the roof after such dismantling of an opponent much less Soderling, leaving anything but a title the only option to call success. Everything else is relegated to the realm of failure. Add the recent drought and the US Open result…………….


17 Responses to “Federer humiliates Soderling for the second straight time to set up the US Open deja vu semifinal against Djokovic.”

  1. M said

    This … will be interesting. Nole is playing very well. But Roger is not exactly slacking.

    (Also, TP, a word. I don’t figure the odds are with me, but I would *love* it if you’d stop with the insinuations. PA is a very attractive man. But if one is married to Roger …??
    I mean, I’m sure he has as many private quirks as the average husband … but still, yeah, um – not terribly plausible, sorry. :-))

    • chieko said

      M san, what is going on?? I am very lost?? But …may be I should not know 😕 Sorry to interrupt.

      • M said

        Oh, no, Chieko san, not at all! TP just makes rather … constant references of a rather insinuating type to an ongoing flirtation between Mrs. Federer and Roger’s dashing coach, and he made yet another reference to it in his otherwise very eloquent and astute analysis here.

        I think at the end of the day, it’s actually my fault for reading TP too closely.

        Oh! Talking about this match, however, reminds me — you had said you didn’t get a chance to see highlights from Roger’s match with the lovely-eyed Johnny Isner, so I left some in your box.
        Hope they’re not too late – please enjoy them! 😀

  2. wuiches said

    There were a lot of expectations on Sod after his great victory over Nadal at RG 09, but as the time is passing and with this kind of performances it seems that are fading away.

    Is he really that good??? I mean slam material.

    or he’s just a guy who hits the ball very hard???

    • wuiches said

      TP, you should have a wall of shame for this kind of results!!!

    • M said

      Personally I don’t think he’s that great.
      But I’m sure there are some who would say I’m biased because he’s handed a couple high-profile defeats to my favorites.

      I would say that (in addition to being, imo, somewhat grumpy and ungracious) he’s … just not terribly consistent, with his ball-bashitude.

      OTOH, every time he goes on a hot streak, his countryman Bjorn Borg raves — and though one could certainly make an argument as to why a historic great would favor his own nation’s prodigy, I’m certainly not qualified to contradict one of the greatest gentlemen to ever play the game.

      • Bjornino said

        Sod’s a redneck bar-thug, indeed. And Borg always raves randomly about players for no reason. I will never forget how – before the 2008 FO final Borg said in his broken English: “I think Federer has a reeeeeally good chance to beat Nadal today.” Wilander agreed with him. Their faces were soooo long when they came back to the studio 1½ hrs later. They had absolutely no clue what to say. It was very funny 🙂
        Although – I have to give him this – he was indeed right when, after the 2007 Wimby final, he predicted that Nadal would win Wimby 2008. People sort of laughed at him about that.

      • banti said

        M your spot on about Soderling! And don’t worry about Borg, he’s as crazy as they get in tennis:) Wilander is coming around, he’s just half crazy. Something about those Swedes:) I always seem to like the ones I meet though and have always wanted to travel there, go figure.

      • M said

        Oh, Bjornino, I remember that! I personally think he (Borg) said that because he was so itchy about Rafa closing in on his RG record.

        And I remember the ridicule he took, too, about predicting Rafa’s Wimbledon 08 win.
        I actually always wondered if he said that for the same reason – because if Roger had won that match, that would have challenged Bjorn’s Wimbledon record.

        (I’m not cynical! LOL! 😛 )

        “Something about those Swedes:)”
        LOL, Banti. 😀

  3. Dee said

    Murray will land on center court with a tired finalist begging to be taken out of his misery 😆
    Story of his life!It is very much like US open.but this time Fed can relax, now Nadal is out

  4. evie said

    I’m backing Roger against Nole.

    Federer played fine against Sod, but the scoreline was more about Sod’s disastrous day than Fed’s brilliance. S couldn’t keep the ball in the court to save his life.

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    TP, every time I read your pieces, I discover another gold nugget. Take this for example:

    …considering Federer’s current plight, he has done nothing yet. He needs titles to inject life into his sputtering career hounded by wolves demanding his head – in retirement and more.considering Federer’s current plight, he has done nothing yet. He needs titles to inject life into his sputtering career hounded by wolves demanding his head – in retirement and more.

    I could just imagine the evil smile you had while typing up this blue-chip. ha ha

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’ve been combing the internet for analogies of the destruction of General Sod. This is the closest I could come across. The comments in this video bear a striking resemblance to how the media reports Federer’s victories. TP, please approve link:

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