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Federer — ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2010


Roger is the true King of clay

Now everything makes sense, Roger has been betting all this time, that’s why he has that clay performance.

Click here.


5 Responses to “Federer — ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’. From Wuiches. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    You know, the thing is – or at least one of the things is – even setting aside the thought that a number like $40K is negligible to somebody like Roger, whose net worth is literally something like a thousand times that amount?

    TMZ isn’t exactly known for their dazzlingly accurate reportage.

    Plus as much as a gossip rag as they are, why would they wait three years to break something like that?

    I’m not sure this is worth that much more attention, frankly.

    There is an update, involving the head of IMG requesting an extortion investigation into the parties allegedly suing. I hope this all goes away soon.

  2. ClayBuster said

    Perhaps Federer’s lawyers should start a case because of ‘malicious libel’ on this. Or rather, not. It’s too silly to even take serious. Let it die, it doesn’t deserve any attention, and it sort-of disappoints me to see you spread the gossip even further, TP.

  3. Growltiger said

    If there’s no proof and it’s he said, she said — I believe Roger.

    • Jenny said

      Exactly, GT. These are just allegations, and until proven fact, that’s all they are. I believe Roger too. If anything untoward happened at the French, it was Rafa who got into Roger’s head on the court and outplayed him, pure and simple.

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