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Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2010

Roger Federer Of Switzerland Returns

Roger Federer Of Switzerland Celebrates

  Coach Paul Annacone Watches

  Coach Paul Annacone Watches

  Roger Federer Of Switzerland Acknowledges

Robin Soderling Of Sweden (R) Congratulates

  Juan Monaco Of Argentina Celebrates

 Jurgen Melzer (L) Of Austria Congratulates

  Juan Monaco Of Argentina Celebrates

  Juan Monaco Of Argentina Celebrates

Italy's Roberta Vinci Returns

Robin Soderling Of Sweden Reacts


9 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thank you, TP.

  2. jennifur said

    never a pic of nole or murray … tp … please?????

  3. jennifur said

    nice pics of juan monaco tho … he is handsome that 1 ….

    • Jenny said

      Nice demeanour too.

      • M said

        Pico is Mr. Personality. I think he had the Twitpic of Carlita and Rafa up on his Twitter page yesterday. 🙂

        Vamos Pico!

        Go Roger! He looks like a rocket in that first shot.
        There’s a picture of him from, I think, 2006 RG, where he looks like that, a foot and a half in the air.

        Thanks, TP. 😀

      • banti said

        I agree. First time seeing him for me, enjoyed it. Nalbi, Potro, Monaco I seem to like them all, very strange. Sabitini growing up though:)

  4. Dee said

    Loved Monaco’s excitement.almost like in soccer.
    They both good looking boys though Melzer has that X factor a bit more.

    • Jenny said

      I loved it too and his joy after he won the 2nd set. Nothing over the top. Monaco’s had tough times, a couple of years ago he broke his ankle and around the same time caught pneumonia, he was sidelined for nearly a season and his ranking slipped. He did reach a career ranking of #14, has clay court titles, but is no slouch on a hard court. I think Murray will prevail, but I’m hoping Pico will make him work for it.

  5. jett09 said

    Wooohooo congrats Roger!! that was an easy win!!!

    Congrats to Pico too….he is rather cute 😳 Sorry Melzer. I think you’ve used up all your energy last night. All the best.

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