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R. Federer vs R. Söderling Shanghai 2010 – nearly the whole match.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2010


7 Responses to “R. Federer vs R. Söderling Shanghai 2010 – nearly the whole match.”

  1. M said

    Wow! Thanks, TP!

  2. chieko said

    TP sama this is a great gift from you!! I can watch again and again and listen to the commentators again. Domoarigatougozaimashita!! Thank you. 😀

  3. Kitu said

    thanks for posting. did not see the match. woooow thanks!

  4. Dee said

    Why not! It didn’t take that long did it.Just over 60mins!or less?First set was about 28 mins, wasn’t it.

    • M said

      53 minutes, Dee, for Roger to serve his carbohydrates.

      (I am concerned that he has enough for his semi, with Nole skipping around fresh as a comparative daisy.
      I may have to spend the day Not Watching.)

  5. Jenny said

    I think the semi with Roger will be close, I still wouldn’t like to call it. Roger needs to come out firing, whack down his serve, take control from the off and remain in control, he can’t afford to slacken off or lose focus here. Nole is back in the groove, playing excellent tennis beating quality opponents this past two weeks and he’ll be looking for back to back titles.

  6. ricky said

    Hi everyone,
    What a great match! I only had the score yesterday but it was worth watching, This is good tennis to me, I love fast tennis and Roger was peRFect like the posts said!
    Can someone tell me if this is really fast or an illusion from me? How much of this surface is played along the year in %? Is this surface type disappearing slowly year after year? If yes, is it why Roger is not n°1 anymore? (I know Rafa is talented, but anyway asking…)

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