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Federer vs Djokovic @ Shanghai 2010. From arbit. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 16, 2010


Same match, Two Different Perspectives (Highlights):

a) Fed Fan

b) Djokovic Fan




7 Responses to “Federer vs Djokovic @ Shanghai 2010. From arbit. Thanks.”

  1. Growltiger said

    Djokovic fan. Here’s what I saw. The Djokovic that seemed to have grown up after the US Open took a powder and we got Nole the fun guy back. To me the match hinged on two shots, both the classic Novak shot – YEP, the DROPPER. Anytime he gets bored or tired, he throws in a drop shot. Against lesser players, it works. Against Nadal or Federer or anyone in the top five or six, he takes gas. Yet he will not relinquish that shot.

    Don’t remember the score, think it was 4 (Fed serving) 5; Djokovic ad. So what does Djokovic do? That’s right. He throws in a drop shot that doesn’t even get to the net. He went on to lose the game. FIve all. He lost the set 5-7, the coup d’grace ANOTHER drop shot that Federer ran up and blasted cross court for a winner.

    I doubt there’s anyone more a Djokovic fan than I, but he is NOT No 2 in the world when he makes stupid mistakes like this. His coach ought to fine him $10K per drop shot (donated to the Serbian Jr Program) until he realizes it is NOT a shot to use against Federer or Nada.

    He frustrates the hell out of me. He has more athletic ability and a bigger game than either Federer or Nadal but has birds in his head.

    • Jenny said

      Ah yes, the famous or infamous dropper, a shot used by Djoko and Murray more times than enough, Stepanek isn’t adverse to it either. If it isn’t used wisely, it comes back to whack the user in the backside and they lose the point. If over-used, it can also be the sign of a tired player. I’ve always admired Nole, but I woudn’t say he has a bigger game than Fed or Nadal, their number of slams and titles prove it. Athletic ability: Yes he does, but IMHO no more that Fed, Nadal, Ferrer, Murray, Davydenko and a few other speedsters. The comms have called the aforementioned of their athletic abilities and on this occasion I agree with them.

    • Dee said

      Hehe, You are really on his case with that dropper, aren’t you!Remember Melzer’s drop shots on clay! He has a great drop shot but it failed him miserably at Shanghai.

      • Jenny said

        Yes, those clay court experts do like their droppers, especially against an opponent who doesn’t move or slide well. Coria, the then Prince of Clay, was a past master of the dropper, he had all the guile in the world and lightening speed. I’m surprised Fed didn’t use more of them in his early days, afterall he was raised on clay.

  2. M said

    Thank you, Arjun. That’s very thoughtful.
    I thought both gentlemen had moments of great tennis – when I could peek out from where I was hiding my eyes behind my hands from nerves, my last memory being their USO semi here. 🙂

    Perhaps not to be too hard on your boy, Growltiger.
    He was going for back-to-back championships — that’s a tall order no matter who you are. He had to have had some endurance issues — and I think he did brilliantly managing his health conditions in the face of the Chinese air quality — and it’s not like we fans of Roger haven’t had to sit through our share of shanked forehands. AMOF, that was one of the things that relieved me so greatly about today’s scoreline: how much lower Roger’s UE count was than Nole’s, given what at the USO semi I have to figure was approaching a career-high figure at 63 …

    • Jenny said

      Well said, M. I think Nole’s been playing great tennis, he’s beaten quality opponents these past weeks, nobody wins everything, lol except to date, Rafa on clay.

      Thanks for the clip, Arbit.

  3. chieko said

    Thank you Arbit san. I really enjoyed it.

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