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What’s at stake in the finals between Federer and Murray?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 16, 2010

H2H? Murray leads 7-5. Federer has won three of the last four matches and for 2010 they are 1-1 – Federer beat Murray at AO finals, Murray beat Federer at Cincy finals. Both are desperate for titles: Federer owns two, Murray one (Cincy). Both have produced startling stats leading to each of the finals they have lost this year only to falter on center court.

Player Aces Ist serve
Sets lost Tie breaks Bk pt conv % Time on court. Matches played

Federer 23 62 0 0 64 4:51 4
Murray 19 55 0 0 55 5:01 4



7 Responses to “What’s at stake in the finals between Federer and Murray?”

  1. EVD said

    TP=Didn’t Fed win Cincy this year?

  2. EVD said

    TP-Didn’t Fed win Cincy this year?

  3. chieko said

    How can it be Draw?? And 6.52%??? Unbelievable!! 😕

  4. Growltiger said

    Federer wouldn’t be in the finals if Djokovic hadn’t played two stupid shots in the first set (both drop shots) then lost focus in the second and went on a walkabout for four games. Murray had an easy draw so hasn’t really been tested. If Federer pulls out his best, it’ll be a tight match, but I think Murray will win. He wants it the worst. (Oddly, Djokovic probably wanted it worse than Federer but after he realized he made a HUGE mistake with that first drop shot that cost him breaking Federer’s serve, he just couldn’t get it together.)

  5. chipnputt said

    Seeing this after the match is over. Looks like DRAW beat out MURRAY IN TWO by a pretty large margin. Ha!

  6. Chuck said

    Toronto, not Cincy.

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