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Murray puts Federer back in his place @ Shanghai – rudely – in straight sets.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 17, 2010

All that while Federer was serving at 70 freaking percent. That number has been more than enough in the past to compensate for the runaway unforced errors. Not only was it not enough to win the match it wasn’t even good enough to win more than three freaking games in a set – and being broken twice – one of them to open the freaking match.

Murray has now beaten Federer eight times in 13 meetings, including the last two. Murray’s win was also the most lopsided match the two have played. All that after beyond masterful gagging of two in-form clowns in Soderling and Djokovic leading up to this. You cannot but get the feeling that your best is not good enough anymore as every avenue to improve has already been milked and exhausted pitifully.

If you cannot freaking convert even ONE of the six freaking break point opportunities offered on the platter – four of them in the second set so you can get back in the match – you are not even close to ‘did not deserve to win the match’. You are not even on the same freaking continent, for crying out loud.

If Federer is not able to break the stalemate and come through soon, the hot air that’s holding him up there since Wimbledon will succumb to Mr. Futility so severely that Sampras’s two-year drought will begin to look like some out of the world run. That’s not science it’s logic based on pattern already established by people in similar predicament at every discipline on the face of the earth. When you initiate the process of emerging from the ashes, you need something to bite somewhere pretty soon to sustain the momentum. That bite takes you to another plane from the bottom ashes surface so you are able to operate at a whole new level – physically and mentally – much like the video games. You cannot keep that high-octane run going for long without a hook. Sooner than later it will come crashing down – hard and strong.

Federer has now lost 13 matches this season with just four more to come: Stockholm, Basel, Paris and WTF. He should be able to win at least two of them blindfolded given his current form, namely Stockholm and Basel. Or will he? Both Soderling (at home) and Berdych are entered for Stockholm with Djokovic and Berdych at Basel. The other two feature someone called Nadal who hasn’t even made an appearance yet. Are we then looking at 17 losses for the season with two titles? Or can he at least move the title count to a respectable 5?


12 Responses to “Murray puts Federer back in his place @ Shanghai – rudely – in straight sets.”

  1. wuiches said

    I think Federer has been playing great but his problem has been that he can’t keep the high level enough to beat all the top dogs that you need to beat to rise a trophy.

    In Madrid he defeated Ferrer (he’s not a top dog but is great on clay) but lost to Nadal, in Toronto defeated Joker but lost to Murray and the same goes for Shanghai, at the Open he defeated Soda but lost to Joker.

    I won’t take Cincy as sign of improvement cuz’ there he had 2 W/O’s (I believe), faced Davy who hasn’t been the same since he came back from injury, Marcos (who by no means is a top dog) was toasted after defeating Nadal and Fish is not exactly a Hall of Famer. I’m not talking that BS about if he deserves that title or not, he was the best of that tournament, I’m just saying that I won’t take that result as a sign that Roger is getting better.

    The guy still has his tennis but it seems that he has not enough fuel to finish the whole job.

    The WTF will be a great chance to test his level cuz’ there he will be only meeting the top dogs.

  2. TGiT said

    Too much speculation TP.

    Why just last week Murray lost to a 30 year old tomato can named Luby. You know one week your favorite is amazing and people forget that last week this guy couldn’t make the semis against a old tennis fart.

    I think Fed had a tough draw this week and kicked some good ass for four straight days of straight set victories. He looked sharo until Sunday but I think the top four seem to be creating somewhat of a pattern.

    One of the top four loses before the semis and the other gets into the final feeling good and the other two battle it out for the other semi.

    Murray beats Nadal but can’t beat Fed. AO
    Fed beats Djoko but can’t beat Murray. China
    Djoko beats Fed but can’t beat Nadal. USO

    I would say this week Fed simply must win. This is a draw he should be able to handle and Sod and Berdy have to fight first before or if they are to meet Fed.

    I do like the aggresive schedule. It is good to see Fed trying to rack up some points. Smart move for 2011. If he can defend AO than Nadal has a lot of ground to keep. You know we always talk about Fed but will Nadal pull of another clay swing. I know now it seems like a for sure thing but I will be interested to see if Nadal is ready for the target on his back and a long clay court season. Let’s see if he holds up.

    • banti said

      I totally agree about Murray’s consistency. I for one have never seen him play like he did today. Fed should be super confident heading into the Stockholm Open. You think Sod is looking forward to playing Fed so soon? No he’s hitting the Absolute to help him forget. And yes Roger needs to rack these points up and go into the Aussie Open thinking if I defend, the number 1 ranking is just around the corner.

    • M said

      “You know one week your favorite is amazing and people forget that last week this guy couldn’t make the semis against …”

      That is, I certainly agree with the sentiment if not all the way down the line with the characterization, lol. 🙂

      “I think Fed had a tough draw this week and kicked some good ass for four straight days of straight set victories.”

      I also agree with this. I was wondering what having to beat the Sod and Nole back to back was going to take from Roger, both mentally and physically.

      Congratulations to AndyMur for rising to the occasion. He certainly surprised me.

  3. banti said

    Murray played in my eyes the best match of his entire career to beat Roger. Not just this year, i’m talking career. If any of the top dogs play like that on any given day, its game set and match to them. He was returning serves superbly and playing back at whatever Roger through at him. I was actually fine with Roger’s play. I’d say his play was at like 85-90%, he played tentatively on the big points I felt and shanked a few shots here and there. He has his chances, the match was MUCH closer than the score showed, thats a given. He needs to stay positive! and squeak in a few titles before years end, possibly even the WTF.

  4. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Well said everyone. Good thoughts, TGiT

  5. Growltiger said

    How I see/saw the China Open:

    China is twelve hours ahead of the US, seven hours ahead of the UK, so I suspect Murray’s mind was on tennis instead of his fantasy football team.

    Federer is one of the wiliest players in tennis, but he made a really stupid shot on break point which would have put them back on serve. He had a short ball and instead of whacking it, he pulled a Djoko and hit a stupid drop shot INTO THE NET. Murray went on to hold.

    Then there was the dust up with the French speaking umpire who isn’t a very good ump. I think Fed was steaming the rest of the match and lost focus.

    Murray played great — he’s a great player when he shows up.

    Djokovic was disappointing. He did the same thing Fed did, i.e. turning a winning break point into a losing point with a drop shot. He compounded Fed’s mistake and did it again a few points later. I thought his head was ready for him to make a move. It isn’t. He needs a new coach and a sports psychologist.

    Don’t know what happened to Nadal. Maybe all the brouhaha about Toni coaching from the sidelines.

    Didn’t see the Soderling-Federer match so can’t comment but I really thought Soderling would beat him.

    As TP or someone else here said, the top ten players go back and forth beating each other on different days. Just depends on who shows up with his game.

  6. chipnputt said

    Very well put. You should be a movie critic 🙂

  7. mircea said

    bad day at the office for fed. not much else. where’s andy when you really need him?

  8. Dee said

    I am not sure whether Murray played his best tennis or Fed played his worst.

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