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Posted by tennisplanet on October 18, 2010

Finland's Jarko Nieminen Rests

Waiting for opponent to pass by?

Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka Returns

Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka Returns

If his weight keeps shooting up, he may not be able to open his eyes – from the looks of it.


5 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. chieko said

    😆 Our TP sama would score very well in the MAT test. He is so good in association.

  2. TGiT said

    Stan always looks like he just woke up from a bender. I agree with TP he does seem heavier but it could be muscle weight.

    • Jenny said

      LOL! Stan has always had a naturally heavy set build, unlike the lithe Fed, it can be mistaken for overweight, actually I thought he had lost weight.

      • M said

        I thought he’d lost some weight too, Jenny. I’d guess that Peter L. is working him out, hard.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        It’s got to be the weight of psychological trauma inflicted by all those breakouts. I wonder when he had his first breakout season…

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