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Bodybuilding legends.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 19, 2010

Frank Zane.

Dave Draper.

Steve Reeves.

Lou Ferrigno.

Sergio Oliva.


48 Responses to “Bodybuilding legends.”

  1. Jenny said

    Respect to these gents, but urrgh on my eye.

  2. chieko said

    Scary , very scary !! I do hope TP sama does not look anything like this!! 😦

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This is as scary as obesity!

  4. Manal Ismail said

    Its quite a high maintenance to keep up those ‘grotesque’ bodies….Steve Reeves is cute though. But I am with M on the tennista preference!

    • Jenny said

      Tenistas and my husband – absolutely!

      • Sol said

        Aww, that’s sweet, Jenny. How many years have you been married?

      • Jenny said

        26yrs, known him for 30. He was a young ‘looker’, still is really, but a genuine person too and that’s the important bit.

      • Sol said

        And a biker. what more can you ask for, right? 😉

      • Jenny said

        Strangely enough he wasn’t a biker, he was more a four wheels guy, I don’t think he wanted to smash up his face doing a ton on the motorway!

      • M said

        Just past the Silver anniversary on the way to the 30th! So lovely, Jenny.
        LOL @ “four wheels guy”. 😀

      • chieko said

        What a wonderful love story !! Congratulation Jenny san. 😀

      • Jenny said

        Thnx, guys 🙂 I was lucky enough to meet the right one, we’re also great friends and equals, it doesn’t always happen that way for some. I wasn’t even looking for a husband or partner at the time. I’ve met a few dull frogs and waste of spacers in my early days as well, it’s all a learning curve.

  5. jett09 said

    I find those bodies “gross”!

    • chieko said

      I agree Jetto9 san. It is so unnatural. Everything is so out of proportion. I have one question but please do not be mad at me for asking :oops:, does bodybuilding build all the muscles in your body, including the unmentionable muscles ?? I am just curios that is all. Thanks in advance for any answer. 😀

      • sperry said

        If you are referring to what I think you are referring to, it isn’t a muscle. Although, it has been said that, with weights and… never mind.

      • Jenny said

        I’m glad you answered that one, Sperry 🙂

      • sperry said

        Jenny: Yes…with my infinite tact, right? As it is, I came within a half sentence of getting into trouble…or at least moderated….

      • chipnputt said’ve been reading your junk mail much too carefully 🙂

      • sperry said

        Chip…. I NEVER… well… almost never. (I wouldn’t until I went blind, anyway… only til I need glasses.)

      • jett09 said

        😆 😆 😆 Lordy Chieko Chan, I nearly fell off my chair laughing at your question!

        Ummm… well… ahhhh… “unmentionable muscles” (hubby calls it “artery” as it’s got its own pulse 😳 Chieko Chan I hope I didn’t confuse you 😕 ) as Sperry has said it’s not muscle so I guess it stays the same. Maybe Sir V can confirm? Chieko Chan, I hope I made sense.

        Phew just as well the arteries are covered!

        TP why not show us topless photos of our tenistas instead???

        p.s. Chieko Chan, you are sooo funny 😉

      • chieko said

        Jetto9 san, thank you for explaining. Now I think D.S.G. san will be proud of me for I can understand and tell a joke !! Yipppeee!! 😀

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    In a parallel earth where men are consumed just like chickens are over here, millions of specimens like this are fed with human growth hormones to make them bigger and to increase profit margins for fast food chains. That ‘massive oak chest’ showing arnold’s hopelessly out-of-control muscles are in an ad for ‘Shylock’s’ – the McDonald’s of that parallel earth. Inspired by Shakespeare’s character from ‘The Merchant of Venice’ who insists on a ‘pound of flesh’. Well, at ‘Shylock’s, you get just that between two buns!

  7. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hey TP, why isn’t Serena Williams on this list?

  8. RafaFan said

    How about a GOAT discussion? LOL Nowadays professional Bodybuilders look unreal some (?) even take human growth hormons! Geeeezzzz. The most impressive and most balanced guy of the last 10 years is imo Ronnie Coleman. Compared to these guys Rafa looks wimpy, no?

    • M said

      “How about a GOAT discussion?”
      *runs shrieking in opposite direction* 😛

      “Compared to these guys Rafa looks wimpy, no?”

      I’d like to think these gentlemen ^^ would give those who disparage Rafa’s “guns” some pause, but imo Rafa looks wonderful no matter what. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Urrgh, and ‘runs shrieking in opposite direction’. To each his own, but I fail to see anything remotely attractive about these guys’ seriously over-blown muscles and veins. I’d love to know what perception they have of their own look.

        Thanks, RafaFan, but no thanks 🙂

      • RafaFan said

        @Jenny: “I’d love to know what perception they have of their own look.” Huh! I’m sure that they feel like the GOAT, the most powerful, most muscular and most aesthetic man on earth! Not kidding. You must know that they are only for a couple of days in this “peRFect” shape! Yeah, for a very short time they have the feeling of Mr. Federer whose success story started in 2003 and which is still lasting! 😉 Hey Jenny and Sprerry (“When was the last time every single poster here agreed on ANYTHING?!)”, I say no para nada, I like these pictures! LOL. Their bodies are the result of eXtremely hard work, discipline, genetics and biochemistry! Awesome, no? Just like Rogie and Rafa only in a different manner. And yeah, Schwarzenegger is GOAT, isn’t he the current governor of the most powerful State of the U.S.? Geeezzz.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks RafaFan.

        “Their bodies are the result of eXtremely hard work, discipline, genetics and biochemistry!”

        I couldn’t disagree. I guess you’re coming from a male perspective as to body physique, fair do’s, but it seems us ladies here and Sperry would have to disagree as far as an aesthetically pleasing look is concerned.

        Arnie was in the UK the other day meeting with our Prime Minister 🙂

  9. sperry said

    Strange. When was the last time every single poster here agreed on ANYTHING?! Yet, here it is. What is the range here? Reeves, I guess, gets the “least obscene” award. From there, we go all the way to Ferrigno and Arnie who are (IMHO) “beyond totally gross.”

    • Jenny said

      If I must, I’ll go along with Reeves as the ‘least obscene’. ‘Inflatables’ takes on a whole new meaning 😈

    • M said

      Mr. Ferrigno actually looked comparatively normal when I had the opportunity to meet him. LARGE, certainly. Very tall, as well as broad-shouldered and all that.
      And I understand the guys — and girls too, I guess — “cut” before competitions and posing, so that their body fat *and* body water are both at the lowest possible percentages, and so then all their musculature is emphasized for the camera.

      (I’ve also long suspected photo editors of doing a little too much “tweaking” to even Rafa and Roger, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there weren’t some additional “enhancement” going on in these photos as well. Not that the physiques aren’t extreme … I’m just sayin’. )

      “‘Inflatables’ takes on a whole new meaning”

  10. jennifur said

    bizarre ……..

  11. D.S.G. said

    Yuck!! Gag me with a spoon!

    This is disGUSTing

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