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Swiss Tennis Association wants answers from Roger Federer.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 19, 2010

“We need to have an answer [from Federer] – is he going to be part of the team or not?” René Stammbach, president of Swiss Tennis since 2006, told “Any answer will be respected and accepted – but we want answers.”

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7 Responses to “Swiss Tennis Association wants answers from Roger Federer.”

  1. Jenny said

    It’s tough for DC captains, unless they’re from Spain or France, even then they have to choose their best players, eg Spain’s #1, #2, #3 and Feli, they can also call upon JC, Almagro, Robredo, Granollers, I suspect G-Lo might get a nod. Spain would not have won the Cup in 08 and 09 without the tried and tested team. I don’t know why Fed is being pushed, do they have players other than the regulars chafing at the bit to play? Maybe Stan wants a break? I agree, the STA need a committed yes or no, so they and the team know where they stand.

    • M said

      Spain does have a lot of depth, Jenny. I can’t help but think they’ve planned it like that.

      “I don’t know why Fed is being pushed, do they have players other than the regulars chafing at the bit to play?”

      This is the part I kind of don’t understand. I mean, they have Stan, they have Yves, it’s not like they don’t have other good players in Switzerland.

      I’m also kind of squinting because I was watching a video of Roger doing an interview from 2001, and he was talking about DC, and how happy he was to participate. I know things change, and of course the team wants to know who is available to play no matter who they are, but I can’t help but notice this gentleman has been the President since 2006, and I can’t help but think it hasn’t always been this way …

      • Jenny said

        Spain does have a lot of depth, Jenny. I can’t help but think they’ve planned it like that.

        I think it also proves these guys’ hard work ethic and commitment, they have strived to improve their game on all surfaces, and it shows, particularly Rafa and Ferru. Who would have thought a Spaniard, other than Santana in the 60’s, would have won on grass. Rafa: Wimby and Queens and Ferru: s-hertogenbosch.

      • M said

        Jenny, that’s a great point.

        “Who would have thought a Spaniard, other than Santana in the 60′s, would have won on grass.”
        Us, their fans! Who see how hard they work! 😀

      • Jenny said

        Rafa was an early bloomer, confident in his ability. Ferru was a late one, he always had the potential, everyone in the ‘know’ could see it, other than Ferru himself! [Moya said similar years ago] He has improved out of sight, especially his weaker serve. Tough Spanish coaches will take no nonsense, it’s a question of get up or ship out, and we all know the story of Javi Piles locking David in the ball cupboard with bread and water.

        Actually, I was prompted by a comment made by TP on a recent thread.

        Lazy Players;

        “Definition: Unwillingness to work on their weakness(es) / add new weapons to their repertoire – until pressed severely.

        “…… it’s called mistaking activity for progress. Just working on your existing game endlessly does NOT constitute hard work”

        In many ways and imho, it’s also an unwillingness to get out of one’s comfort zone. I have to give credit to Moya, Ferrero, [from clay to other surface] and latterly Querrey, Isner who have been willing to step out on the red dirt, play well and not make complete twits of themselves.

  2. Growltiger said

    Uh, Spain isn’t in the DC finals this year; France beat them.
    So, I really don’t understand the discussion about Spain’s being so deep. Serbia is in the final. Djokovic is playing his guts out as are Troicki, Tipsarevic and Zmenic (sp). So who are we talking about? Spain and Switzerland. Beam me up, Scotty.

    So far as Federer playing for Switzerland? Naturally the Swiss want their best player to play for them.

    • Jenny said

      All the official experts agree Spain has great depth within their ranks, so it’s not just my opinion. Agreed, France did beat Spain this year, but holding that DC cup two years in a row is no mean feat by anyone’s standards, without Rafa in a number of ties and in one Final against Argentina on a hard surface. Have France won the cup thus far, no they haven’t. As far as Ferrer was concerned, he played more tennis than most, was the ATP official leading player in match wins for this season at the time, [even over Rafa, Fed, Djoko and Murray], so I think fatigue kicked in there, he’d have to be half dead physically to give up on a match and that’s why the DC captains choose him to play, he’s honoured to do so, but that alone carries it’s own pressures on a 28r old who’s also had knee tendinitis.

      Again I’m not belittling Djokovic and Serbia’s great efforts in DC, but you could say this about many countries and their players who have gone deep.

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