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Today’s laziest tennis players.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 19, 2010

Definition: Unwillingness to work on their weakness(es) / add new weapons to their repertoire – until pressed severely.

Roddick? Duh!!!!! He is considered a hard worker. In my book, it’s called mistaking activity for progress. Just working on your existing game endlessly does NOT constitute hard work.

Murray? Is more interested in exacting mileage with intermittent bursts of achievement to stay in limelight pushing the ‘real’ deal for ‘Judgement Day’.

Djokovic? Lacks balls to make a clean cut from what’s already milked to the last drop. You cannot steal second base unless you leave the first one?

You got more? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!


37 Responses to “Today’s laziest tennis players.”

  1. Jenny said

    This is a tough one, given your definition of hard work, TP, but I do agree with you. Now let me think….

    • Jenny said

      For starters, Feliciano Lopez.

      • jett09 said

        “For starters, Feliciano Lopez”.

        I agree Jenny.

        How about Nicolas Almagro? I think he is talented too but like Feli, just inconsistent. Cilic?

      • Jenny said

        Nico is talented and has an all court game, I haven’t sussed out why he’s so inconsistent but I think that comes from up top more than anything.

        He hasn’t been ‘quite right’ since Ferru beat him on clay in Valencia [he was twice defending champion] in 2008. I believe he was up 5-2, had match points and managed to lose the whole thing because David broke him down, just as Rafa does to him.

        I really think Marin Cilic tries, I wouldn’t consider him ‘lazy’ as per TP’s definition, neither does he seem like a party animal or seeking of the limelight to me. I don’t understand what’s going wrong with him lately and it a shame, he has so much potential, plus he moves well for a big guy. Still very young though.

      • jett09 said

        “Nico is talented and has an all court game, I haven’t sussed out why he’s so inconsistent but I think that comes from up top more than anything”

        I agree Jenny “comes from up top more than anything”.

        “He hasn’t been ‘quite right’ since Ferru beat him on clay in Valencia [he was twice defending champion] in 2008. I believe he was up 5-2, had match points and managed to lose the whole thing because David broke him down, just as Rafa does to him.”

        That must have been an epic?

        Richard Gasquet I think is talented too but not sure what’s happening to him.

      • Jenny said

        I wouldn’t call it an epic as such, but David’s intensity was through the roof, he was determined not to lose his home tourney and he didn’t. The score: 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(2).

        Yes, Richard Gasquet. A child prodigy and too many expectations from a young age.

      • Sol said

        Jett09, I agree with you about Gasquet. But I’m not sure it’s due to him being lazy, but more about not being very comfortable in his own skin. If he frees himself from whatever is making him feel down, he has the talent to be a great player.

      • Jenny said

        Tomas Berdych?

      • xeres said

        My sister once told me that Gasquet’s brother died when he was very young and his parents became over protective thereafter and it ended up affecting his
        mental strength as well.

  2. chieko said

    I wonder if Blake san fits into this category?? I think he needs to improve his game and mind set also.

  3. Serran said

    Marat Safin all the way.

    So much talent, so little discipline. He could have been a Federer-caliber player if he had taken things more seriously (OK, maybe not Federer caliber, but pretty damn close IMO).

    • Serran said

      Oh sorry, you said “Today’s”…

      Well, I would have to go with David Nalbandian then 😛

      • Jenny said

        Hi Serran,
        I wouldn’t disagree, love watching Nalby in the zone, also imo, a ‘Federer calibre player’. Maybe he’s had far more injuries than he’s admitted to. Also, I think he chose to do other things he enjoys, eg his rally car driving. Okay, it’s a waste as far as the tennis world is concerned, but I don’t think he’s that unhappy about it – maybe he got his own priorities right? I’ve always likened him to Safin.

  4. Els said

    First name that comes in mind is Ernests Gulbis. So talented, so much playboy. 😉

  5. Growltiger said

    It’s it possible to have any negative post anywhere without including Djokovic? Not saying TP isn’t right, just that Djoko can do nothing right in the eyes of most tennis commentators (and fans).
    Federer on the other hand walks on water.

    I’ve followed tennis for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like it. A player who has never been accused of cheating, is probably one of the best sports in the game (who else gives his opponent calls when the linesman calls FOR him? hasn’t been involved in any chemical or betting adventures so far as I know, always plays Davis Cup for his team even when he’s sick, has beautiful strokes, runs around the court chasing down every ball and never tanks — he played the last AO with the green apple quickstep and yet did not deprive Tsonga of the win by retiring.)

    And yet, he’s always on your (and everybody else’s) negative list.

    • Jenny said

      With all due respect, Growltiger. That’s a sweeping statement and a little unfair, because I don’t think Novak is on anyone’s negative list on this site, he has been given all due credit here once he grew up. I’m honest, I have seen gamesmanship [not against the rules] from him in the past, spotted at first by my husband who was a competitive sportsman himself, he knows what he’s talking about, I called him out on it at the time as I would any player. In all fairness, he isn’t the only who is a fair sport, works hard on the court, concedes points as Nole does [I could name you 3 or 4 players who’ve done that] plays regular DC, and other things you admire about him.

    • Sol said

      Yes. What Jenny said.
      Plus this “hasn’t been involved in any chemical or betting adventures so far” is really uncalled for. I’m guessing you’re talking about Fed and Nadal, in which case those accusations are just petty to say the least (even if you actually mean Davy, who has been cleared, FYI). And let me just add that it’s only been less than a year since Djoko has been acting mature enough not to draw any criticism cause we all know that before that AO loss against Tsonga this year (which you point out precisely because it was a surprise to everyone) he was more than inclined to retire for suspicious reasons, so let’s not pretend he’s the perfect gentleman everyone loves to hate.

      Oh, and this: “Federer on the other hand walks on water”
      On what planet? How long have you been here on TP, or anywhere else for that matter?

      • Jenny said

        Despite all those ATP/Betfair alegations, even a certain umpire was on Davydenko’s back with nonsense that was almost laughable, [Peter Fleming ‘threatened’ to take a chain saw to his chair] he continued to carry himself with absolute dignity and grace throughout.

  6. xeres said

    Gulbis ? Sometime this year I can’t recollect as to when..he said up until recently it was just a hobby for him and he wasn’t really serious about it.
    What with him being a millionaire and all that jazz I guess.

    For some godforsaken reason that I can’t point out he reminds me a LOT of Safin..maybe it’s that Adidas ad influencing me or maybe it’s the fact that Hernan Gumy is coaching him.

    • Jenny said

      Good call, Xeres!

    • Sol said

      I agree. Gulbis has immense talent but, like Safin, doesn’t seem interested enough. They both have/had that “blasé” look, like they’re here to get through the day at the office and go home to do more thrilling things.
      Also, they both have a mischievious look, something about their smiles…

      • xeres said

        I think if Gulbis got rid of all that wild hair and he smiled till his cheeks hurt he’d resemble Prince william from a certain angle.

        I just checked his wiki page and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so; I quote from the wiki page

        “On a telecast during the 2010 Western and Southern Financial Group Masters from Cincinnati, broadcasters Brad Gilbert, Patrick McEnroe, and Chris Fowler all compared Gulbis to former world number 1 Marat Safin, in terms of both playing style and attitude on and off court.”

        Gulbis also has a funny bone like Safin on missing 6 MPS against Fed he told the press “I shit my pants a little bit there…excuse my language”

  7. Jenny said

    This is beginning to look like a ‘headcase’ thread. 😉

  8. jennifur said

    how can laziest players be #3 4 and 10??????? makes no sense…

    arod = bit “lazy” in clay period of calendar….

    what about gulbis? jeeeeeezzzz

    • Sol said

      “how can laziest players be #3 4 and 10??????? makes no sense…”

      TP is actually paying them a compliment. He’s basically saying he believes they could achieve so much more.

      • jennifur said

        rather backhanded one then … dont think theyre lazy at all cept rod on clay period … rest work hard … change tactics hire coaches try lots of changes … some good some not ….

      • Jenny said

        I can also see where you’re coming from too, Jennifur. There’s always two sides to an ‘argument’. Actually, ‘lazy’ is probably the wrong word to describe pro players who maybe haven’t achieved more given their talents. I agree, Andy R didn’t work on his red clay game, but that could also mean he didn’t feel comfortable underfoot, it’s not an easy surface to master unless one is born to it. As I see it though, we don’t actually know how hard these guys work off court, how many hours they put in, or real knowledge of their practice regimes/drills, I’m sure many like to party too and I’m not criticising that either.

      • jennifur said

        agreed. dont think “lazy” the right descriptor.

        maybe unfulfilled???? unrealized??? but not lazy 4 those guys …

        i get sols poiint but just think it comes off more like insult than compliment

    • Jenny said

      That’s how I read it too, Jennifur.

  9. Jenny said

    I’m going to add another player, Fernando Verdasco. Years ago I remember respected pundits were predicting great things for him, I agreed with them at the time. He can play well on any surface, is a powerful shotmaker, was the hero of the 2008 Davis Cup final in Argentina, went off and consulted Agassi and Co., played a great epic match with Rafa at the AO, but imo, and for a player of his calibre his results have been disappointing since, and he has points to defend in Valencia. I think an old fashioned school report might say ‘could have done better’.

    I could also add one my own favourites, Fernando Gonzalez, another naturally gifted player. If anyone has watched Fena in the zone and firing on all cylinders, fit and motivated, you will understand what he’s capable of. I’m putting him in the same category as Nalby and Safin [although Marat was a 2 slam winner], although I don’t think Fena is a playboy of the Marat variety 🙂

    • jennifur said

      both hv had injuries tho …

      • Jenny said

        This is very true, Fena has had chronic tendinitis for some years so in many ways it’s understandable he didn’t achieve more, but I would still call him mercurial given his talent. Verdasco was always somewhat flaky before the injury niggles.

      • jennifur said

        true re: verd = flaky …not always mentally solid. fena bit to moody and inconsistent but fuuurr surrre has lots of talent … just dont think “lazy” is right adjective … for these or the others mentioned ….

        lazy means they dont try diff things … change … improve. . i just dont c it w/players mentioned by tp…

        nalby is a bit lazy … he never put whole heart/effort in it consistently … def. gulbis … and maybe ? monfils??

        but verd, berd, gasquet to me have “mental” issues … theyve never had full belief + sometimes crack under presssue….

        murray nole rod r all v/dedicated 2 becoming their best imo + hv tried many diff things (new coaches…trainers … tactics etc) 2 try to realize full potential…. nole + murray hv been #2 in world, rod #1. nole + rod hv slam titles. thats not laziness 2 me.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Our posts crossed re lazy, it is misleading – we both agree!

      • Jenny said

        Again I wouldn’t call Nalby lazy, I think he chose to lead a more balanced life rather than tennis being his whole being, very frustrating for us fans because he is a joy to watch when he doesn’t look as if he’d prefer to be somewhere else, of course injuries aside, one can’t always tell if Nalby is hurting and stoic, or simply just bored. I think he was always more committed to DC.

      • jennifur said

        fair enough jenny … nalby beats his own drum furrre surrrrre!

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