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2010 Stockholm Open Roger Federer Interview Pre Tournament 2010-10-19. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 20, 2010



76 Responses to “2010 Stockholm Open Roger Federer Interview Pre Tournament 2010-10-19. From Wuiches. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Boy oh boy does Roger look good. I need the “girl version” of whatever he’s having.

    Thank, Wuiches!

  2. clifford said

    Thanks, Wuiches-
    That was really fun to watch.

  3. banti said

    Enjoyed this. He needs to stop taking whatever he’s taking:)

  4. chipnputt said

    Note 3 things:

    (1) Recognizes he is well behind Rafa right now and he’s ready to work hard.
    (2) He says conditions have slowed down everywhere. So calendar GS possible for Rafa.
    (3) His accent while speaking Chinese is terrible 🙂

    • chieko said

      😆 Chinese I think is a very difficult language to speak. Federer san. please learn Japanese next time you come to Japan. Please come to Japan, you have been absent for too long now !! Please.

  5. Sol said

    Ah, Roger and his “I’m very talented” line. Gotta love him.

    Chip, I noted 3 things too:
    1) He didn’t lose his temper with the umpire last week in his final against Murray. It’s just that the umpire had “difficulties understanding his french”. Now it all makes sense 😉 I didn’t see the match but this makes me want to check it out
    2) He can understand a little swedish. Or he pretends he can.
    3) How can someone accuse Fed of being arrogant when the guy has the dorkiest laugh ever?

    Thanks Wuiches.

  6. Bettyjane said

    He was positively giddy here! I have to agree with Banti.
    Roger is so open and honest about his disappointments without getting defensive and sour. He seems to be a in a good place right now.

  7. Jenny said

    It was open and honest, Roger was enjoying himself and I loved it. I think this is the Roger players see in the locker room and why he’s so popular with them. Thanks for posting, Wuiches.

    • M said

      “I think this is the Roger players see in the locker room and why he’s so popular with them.”

      Jenny, that is exactly what I thought. Thank you for articulating what, for whatever reason, I couldn’t quite find the words for. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        According to Tim Henman [a good friend] years ago, Roger, Tim and Thomas Johansson were watching Safin play and apparently it was very noisy enthusiasm from Roger! Of course we all know his compassion towards Blake and welcoming Nicolas Kiefer back into the fold last season after his wrist surgery, you can bet he did the same with Lleyton after his hip op, probably Nalbs too, they all go back a long way. Roger said nothing to the media about it, although did say he was worried about Rafa when he first had knee problems.

  8. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’m watching Federinka slug it out in Stockholm. Wawrinka tried to intimidate Federer by doing his own clumsy rendition of Nadal’s matador zig-zag run to the court and bouncing on his toes till he touches the moon.

    Well it seems to have worked because federer got broken in the first game and Wawrinka has won all his points in 2 service games.This will be fun!

  9. Bjornino said

    Allez Suisse! Federer should never have let his boyfriend hook up with his ex-coach 😉

  10. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    First set Wawrinka, 6-2. They should name a skating rink after him.

    • Jenny said

      I’ve just linked in to the 2nd set. What a strange performance thus far, is Roger being sloppy or is Stan playing exceptionally well?

  11. Bjornino said

    I am in the kitchen watching this match. Somehow it feels so appropriate cooking mashed potatoes while watching Federer being squashed by Wawrinka. If you are a swiss player the formula for winning is easy – get a swedish coach! Peter Lundgren FTW!!! 😛

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Federer’s being comprehensively outplayed by Wawrinka who’s now 6-2, 2-0 up.

      • Bjornino said

        It’s the curse of Lundgren.

      • M said

        “It’s the curse of Lundgren.”

        I can’t even look *glares at pre-weekend rush workload insanity* but that was the first thing I thought.
        Peter coached Roger, so he knows how he plays.
        Also — for those who remember the Clash of the Titans, AKA AO SF ’05 — Marat beat Roger when coached by Peter.

        I’m sure there are those who would roll their eyes, but I don’t think it’s an accident.
        *hides eyes*

      • Jenny said

        Peter Lundgren likes winners, he’s coached two slam winners. I wonder why he isn’t still with Dimitrov?!

      • Bjornino said

        I heard he got impatient with Dimitrov. He has a habit of dumping people if they don’t listen. (Rios)

      • Jenny said

        Thnx, Bjornino. A case of ship up or ship out, eh? Peter won’t stand any nonsense.

  12. Bjornino said

    Mirka has either fallen asleep or is VERY busy texting. Commie: “Federer’s wife Mirka who’s OCCASIONALLY watching him play.” 😛 Gotta love those Brit-commies ^^

  13. Bjornino said

    So this is the Stockholm Open live chat thread then I guess?

  14. RafaFan said

    What a shot! The GOAT is back and Mirka is smiling! 🙂

  15. RafaFan said

    The goat takes the 2nd set. Wawrinka is finished! Happens all the time to him ie with Rafa…

  16. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    federer is doing a murray on Wawarinka by frustrating him with defence

  17. Bjornino said

    She woke up? Or stopped texting?

  18. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Federer’s playing furiously well. Good to see. The lion woke up just when it mattered.

  19. Sol said

    Hey all. Just tuned in. Good match. Also saw that Soda lost earlier.

    • RafaFan said

      Hi Sol! 🙂

    • RafaFan said

      Your neighbour is losing his nerves!

    • Sol said

      Hey RafaFan!
      Yeah, I don’t like seeing Stan like that but Fed is just too good. It must annoy a few people here that he’s taken over in this match 😉
      Let’s see if he can close it out now.

      • RafaFan said

        Yeah some of them already left this thread! LOL. No Federer squashing tonight! 🙂 In the first and second set Federer played kind of nonchalant… but then when he woke up he turned the match easily. 🙂

      • Sol said

        Thanks RafaFan. Thank god I wasn’t watching the 1st and 2nd.
        BTW, I did not forget you, RafaFan. I’m still trying to get tickets for the match for Africa, but I might get some at the last minute. I’ll keep you posted if you’re still interested.

      • RafaFan said

        Thank you so much Sol! Would be really great if we could attend the event! 🙂

  20. RafaFan said

    The deadly Cobra elegantly takes over the match!

  21. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    OMG! Wawrinka was so frustrated with his flareup, he smashed his racket to the ground!

  22. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    And it’s all over. By the way, that guy who interviews the players with head bowed and eyes looking up with a smirk…he needs to be in the movies ASAP.

  23. Sol said

    Woohoo Roger!

    Standing ovation from the swedish crowd. Good luck tomorrow.

    • Jenny said

      That’s a relief for Roger and fans. A very wonky start.

      • Sol said

        Didn’t see it Jenny. But read Bjornino’s very illustrative description of the mashed potatoes (which I’m guessing ended up on his wall). So I guessed Fed was shanking alot, right? He was playing incredibly well when I started watching. And Stan was doing a Ferru. Those tennis balls must not taste like chocolate though.

      • Jenny said

        which I’m guessing ended up on his wall).
        😆 Sorry Bjornino, that did make me smile!

      • Bjornino said

        Sol, I hate to disappoint you. The mashed potatoes were for my nephew and he enjoyed them very much, just as I always enjoy being able to provide you with entertainment, Sol. Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Bettyjane said

    A crazy performance by Fed. He really had to find his way into this match. Played utterly crappy tennis and didn’t hit a great shot until an hour in. I’d be smashing more than rackets of I were Stan right now.

    Mirka definitely looked like she was dozing in the middle!!

  25. chieko said

    It is so funny to read all your posts and gave me a little bit of idea of what had happened!! Thank you. I am waiting for the videos to show up eventually and catch up with what went on. 😀 Thanks in advance.

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