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Congratulations to GRACIE for her three-year anniversary of kicking the cigarette habit: Oct 21. Good job!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on October 21, 2010


OCTOBER 21st. Not a birthday exactly, TP, but a two-year anniversary since I quit smoking and stopped being a slave to cigarettes! Forget the tennis today – how about a kiss from…er, I mean a picture of Juliette Binoche to help me celebrate? Heh!


43 Responses to “Congratulations to GRACIE for her three-year anniversary of kicking the cigarette habit: Oct 21. Good job!!!!!”

  1. Jenny said

    Congrats Gracie! How did you do it?!

  2. Alex said

    will power… congratulations!

  3. Bettyjane said

    Congrats for sure. How DID you!!??

  4. Gracie said

    NICE ONE! Yummy. Thanks a bunch Teep!!

    How? Geeez! Nicotine patches and gum, Tootsie-Roll lollipops, licorice jellybeans. You name it – I’ve tried it. Seven times before. Went to the doc this time to ask about that new drug, Chantix. I knew a few others who’d taken it, though not successfully, and I wouldn’t exactly say they’d recommended it…

    ‘Some people can’t take it’, my doc said as she wrote the script for me. Yeah, no kidding. Spent three months doubled over in nauseating pain, while the drug kicked a hole in me for a few hours after taking, twice every day. It is not for the weak of heart or stomach. It’s not for anyone prone toward depression. It’s not for anyone easily influenced by friends who will stand over you saying, ‘Are you crazy? Why are you still taking that stuff?! This can’t be good for you!’ (Yeah, neither is emphysema.) If you are stubborn enough to hold on and remind yourself it’s only temporary, it completely eliminates the desire to smoke and I guess the added ‘perk’ of feeling like you’re on the verge of throwing up all the time keeps you from even having time to think about any aspect of withdrawal from the habit. It worked for me. I washed my hands of it all for good and I’ve never looked back. But I wouldn’t exactly say I’d recommend the method. Heh.

    Thanks for your support guys!

    • Jenny said

      Rather you than me Gracie, I’m glad it worked for you. Let’s say Wrigleys sugar free gum has been a great help to me, I hate mint, so I choose the fruity flavours.

    • UM17 said

      Incredible story Gracie, amazing to hear that you stuck with it despite all the pain. I feel like many people think it’s an easy thing to do, it’s important to know what you went through to get your health back.

      And, that is a gorgeous woman. TP, take note – blows that Julianne Moore lady out of the water. 🙂

  5. Sergeant said

    That’s a pretty woman.

    Congratulations, Gracie, nicely done!

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Come on Gracie. How could you not miss the earthy, rich flavor of fine tobacco? How could you not again imbibe that soothing smoke, letting it fill your being? Why would you not allow all that stress to be blown away with an easy puff? Why? Why? Oh, this is too much for me to bear. I am going out for a fag…

    • Gracie said

      LOL. Puff away Sir, but your attempt to undermine will not work. I am beyond temptation now.

      • chieko said

        Congratulations to you my dear Gracie san. I shall not start smoking even though in our country almost a lot of people smoke and no educaton is effective. Thank you for your inspiration. I am very proud of you !!

    • banti said

      Congrads I may start the Chantix:) after this. I’ll keep you informed. Again keep it up!

  7. jennifur said

    good 4 u gracie. clearly its done wonders 4 ur looks – that is u in the picture right? ; 0

  8. Raj said

    Congratulations! It is a tough habit to break. After many years of smoking my wife finally quit, after several failed attempts, just about this time two yours ago, like you. It was the best present she ever gave me! Lucky for me, I never started the nasty habit.

  9. Manon said

    Congrats, Gracie! I quit cold turkey and never looked back. Don’t know how I did it, but it always comes down to changing something fundamental in your thinking and life. I don’t miss the awful smell in my hair and clothes one bit. And my lungs are thanking me as well, I imagine.

    That Binoche is a goddess, no?

  10. Anand said

    I remember when I wanted to give up, I would throw out all the cigs, matches I had. Then the urge would come and I’d buy a pack again, smoke 1 or 2, then remorse, throw the pack etc. This cycle continued a few times. I was a student and didn’t have a lot of money so I really had to find a way out of this habit and the conflict, fast!

    I found a little trick. When you’re really ready to quit, do this and then see what happens. Kept me off for 25 years with no craving.

    Normally when you want to stop, you throw the stuff away. But at that very time, instead take the cig and smoke. But don’t just smoke like you normally do, letting your mind go. Do it fully aware. Inhale every breath with the smoke (no intermediate clean air breaths).

    Re: releasing stress, you can let your mind go anytime, don’t need to smoke for that. The rituals of smoking were only a trigger for that relaxation, did not actually cause it. Just do a nice stretch or take in a few slow deep breaths at your own pace, and see how you relax. These will also trigger the relaxation response except they also energize you.

  11. Carolee said

    Many congrats, Gracie, we will all have you around for a longer time!

  12. Sarah said

    Congrats, Gracie.

  13. Ricke said

    I quit smoking over 20 years ago. Hardest thing I ever did. Once I made it past the first two weeks I knew I would never start again. It was too hard going through the with drawl. I didn’t drink for three months either–that’s when I really had no will power. I kept a full pack of cigarettes in my purse and made myself decide if I really wanted one. I never took one, cold turkeyed it. Best decision I ever made. Way to go Gracie!!!!

  14. Screwdriver said

    See you all on the other side of the world, I caught swineflu

  15. Gracie said

    UM17, Sergeant and Manon – yeessss, she is a gorgeous goddess. That’s why I asked for her. Been in love with that face for many years.

    Jennifur, all I can say is, ‘yeah, that’s me…in my dreams!’

    Banti, hold onto your hat if you try the Chantix. And put a note on your bathroom mirror that reminds you, “It’s Only Temporary”.

    Raj, congrats to your wife too!

    To the rest of you, thanks a bunch! I do appreciate your kind words, as I can hardly believe I’ve made it this long myself. But I still keep all my nice ashtrays around for anyone who visits and likes to indulge. And for those of you who have tried to quit, thought about quitting, failed to quit, or want to quit again – all I can say is just keep trying – one day you’ll reach the right mindset and make it happen.

    Screwdriver! I’m so sorry to hear you’re ill! I work in healthcare and we’re waiting to get our shipment of vaccines here for H1N1. It promises to be a challenging season. Take good care of yourself and get well soon!

  16. Somebody Else said

    Good on ya, Gracie!

  17. chipnputt said

    Congrats Gracie…So so difficult to do, even though every smoker knows they are much better off not smoking. You’ve done it — WELL DONE!

  18. Bonnie said

    Hey Gracie – keep up the good work. It’s difficult, I know (I quit some 20 years ago) but you can do it. It’s so worth the effort!

  19. Sol said

    Way to go, Gracie! Will power, it’s a beautiful thing.

  20. jett09 said

    Congrats Gracie!! I’m sure you’re feeling much better than 3 years ago 😉

  21. Bonnie said

    I’m so happy for you Gracie! You must feel very proud of yourself, as you should be! Keep up the good work!

  22. Raj said

    Congratulations! Keep it going. The best thing you ever did for your health and well being.

  23. claire said

    Congratulations Gracie 🙂 I have been cancer Free for FIVE years this month!

    I don’t like the term “cancer survivor” – I have survived many things in my life – pregnancy, raising my son (off to college), college (my college years), living with my father (21 years),marriage (what 50% of marriages end in divorce),etc! 🙂

  24. CV. said


    Congratulations. It takes Tremendous WIllPOWER TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU HAVE. KEEP IT GOING.

  25. M said

    Congratulations, Gracie! Definitely not an easy thing, not by a long shot (I remember my first smoke-free year *headshake*).
    You deserve commemoration — and perhaps some shopping? LOL — for each succeeding anniversary, imo.
    Have a great day! 😀

  26. sperry said

    GRACIE!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! My mom’s got a cool story. Two packs a day for 20 years and one day her and her daughter were going somewhere when mom realized she was out of cigarettes. She realized she was going to HAVE to rush to the store to buy them, and snapped at my sister to hurry up. It hit her: she just yelled at her daughter because of her habit. And that was that. Forty years ago… not one cigarette. She’s 90 now. Wouldn’t have made it if she had kept smoking, I’m sure.

    • claire said

      I remember my 8th grade science teacher showed a picture of the lung of a smoker! It left such an impression that I would never try a cigarette! The good part is the teacher said the lung can clear up after a smoker gives it up!

      • sperry said

        My “never get started” story never fails to amaze me. I was about 10(??) I guess when something inside me told me to ask my mother for a cigarette. I did. She, of course, gave me about 3 seconds of the start of the “never smoke” lecture, when I interrupted her. “Mom… check it out… I’ll take one puff, gag, and never do it again.” In a moment of supreme insight/wisdom, mom agreed and gave me the cig. I didn’t know how to smoke, of course. I didn’t puff and wait for the smoke to arrive at its destination… I fiercely inhaled until the smoke hit my lungs… a HUGE hit. I gagged, almost threw up actually, and never touched another one. Success!!

  27. Stella said

    way to go Gracie

  28. chieko said

    Congratulatioins to you Gracie san. I am so so so so happy to hear from you!! Everyone here misses you. I miss you also of course. Please post as soon as you have time. We all are hungry to hear from you!! 😀

  29. Dee said

    Hey Gracie, Quit or not I think you are a great person. Even one day of will power over our weak flesh is a big achievement. Take care. Don’t ever get tempted.

  30. Well done Gracie. I really admire you!
    Also that is one hot pic of Juliette!

  31. bunnee said

    nice pic of juliette! congrats on your anniversary gracie. with all the money saved, did you treat yourself to something special?

    my dad smoked out of an old brass waterpipe for 60+ yrs & then quit cold turkey at around age 90… lived another 6 years, done in only from complications from a fall…

    my mom smoked 2 or more packs/day for 40+ yrs, then too, quit cold… why? cuz the doc told her it was “unhealthy”!?! she’s now 83 both had little education & were labourers…

    me, never touched the stuff. hope to live to 120…

    miss your postings gracie, you always had a keen sense for the tennis! tp needs your balancing voice!

  32. claire said

  33. Jenny said

    You’re in my thoughts, Gracie.

    Love, Jens.

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