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Federer plays his 900 ATP match. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 21, 2010


Roger Federer plays his 900 ATP match.

W-L is 727-173. He becomes the only active ATP player to reach 900 matches. Not bad. Not bad. Here’s to 900 more :-)

Trivia: Q. How many minutes did Roger take to win his 900 ATP match? A. 49 minutes!!



6 Responses to “Federer plays his 900 ATP match. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Here’s to 900 more! *toasts Roger and Overcaffeinated*

    In the interview that Wuiches posted for us yesterday, he mentioned that he was not only looking forward to this because it was his 900th match, but also because since he didn’t get out of 2R in Stockholm the last time he played its tournament, he just had to win his 2R match to do better than last time. 😀

    (Too bad TD got him that round. Would have loved to see him go further, but unless you’re Rafa (or perhaps Nole) and sometimes even then — if you’re up against a top-form Roger, there’s not much that can be done, I guess.)

  2. claire said

    173/727 = won 76% of his matches!

    YTD = 49-12 = won 76% of his matches.

    Federer’s best years:
    2004- 70-5 = won 93% of his matches!
    2005- 80-4 = won 95% of his matches!
    2006- 90-5 = won 95% of his matches!!

  3. Banti said

    Claire he was 1 match win or loss away from beating johny mac’s all time single season record.

  4. chieko said

    Thank you for the information. 😀

  5. bunnee said

    i heard 51 minutes…

  6. Jenny said

    Congratulations on another milestone, Roger 🙂

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