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Posted by tennisplanet on October 21, 2010

Switzerland's Tennis

Switzerland's Tennis

Sweden's Robin Soderling Returns

Swiss Tennis

Croatia's Ivan Ljubicic Returns

Anytime now.

Russian Igor Kunitsyn Returns

Lendl’s son? Daughter?

Serb Jelena Jankovic Returns

Russia's Maria Kirilenko Returns


12 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Dee said

    I was watching Moscow WTA. Jankovic was not her self.Her serve was way off.on the other hand That cutey pie Diyas played really well.

  2. sperry said

    Ya know… i saw a headline that said, “JJ Stunned by Who-ever it was” and I’m thinking… one should NEVER use the word “stunned” and “Jankovic” in he same sentence. I am, quite frankly, NEVER surprised to see her beat by people that shouldn’t beat her.

    • Jenny said

      I agree. I know JJ can be drama queen, but when she does play well, I enjoy watching her.

      Good to see the vet Luby doing well and Congrats to all the winners 🙂

      Lovely pic of the Moya family, another little pink dot growing up fast, and with so many kind, handsome Armada ‘uncles’ who’ll be treating her like a little princess. I wonder where that pic was taken, does he still live in Palma? I’d be very surprised to see Carlos playing tennis again, he was a great competitor and gent on the court, Rafa’s idol and the Spanish ‘don’. He played sleeveless [a big handsome guy who looked darn good with his guns, upper arm tattoo and bandana] I think Rafa’s original attire was Moyini’s influence. I always remember when Moya played a young guy on a hardcourt from the US some years ago, it was a hot day, the poor kid was crippled with cramps, he was staggering about all over the place, obviously he had to be treated. Moya sat on his chair, his face was a picture of stoic blank expression! Nothing mean, horrible or uncaring, he was never like that.

      • sperry said

        Yeah… I always liked the guy. Remember a pic a while back… don’t know if it hit people like it did me… but he looked TERRIFIED of holding the baby. This one… it looks likes he’s doing much better… not as comfortable as mommy yet… but, hey. We got time.

  3. Dee said

  4. Dee said

  5. Dee said

  6. Dee said

  7. Dee said

    • chieko said

      Thank you thank you thank you!! I know I do not have to worry about missing for I may find it here and yes I found it !! Thank you Dee san.

  8. Manal Ismail said

    Is that an altered pic of Soderling?

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