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Federer vs Dent @ Stockholm. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010


4 Responses to “Federer vs Dent @ Stockholm. From Dee. Thanks.”

  1. chieko said

    Thank you so very much!! 😀 What an harvest of videos for us!!

  2. Growltiger said

    It’s a long time since I was exposed to a classroom where the teacher had a pet, but now that I’m “into” Tennis again, it’s like watching a classroom in the third grade. TAYLOR DENT? A good player (mostly doubles) who had serious back surgery a year or so ago.

    Egad! Is there any way to give Roger one of the ball boys after his first bye, one of the spectators (wearing high heels) the second round, a linesman (one of the older ones) in the quarters and maybe make it a little tough on him in the semis by giving him a younger line judge?

    This man is a great player but he also is the luckiest player on tour. If he meets a top 100 player, it’s in the semis. If you don’t believe me, look at the US Open Draw.

    • Bettyjane said

      As a Nole fan you are completely and utterly entitled to be frustrated at this. But one of the luxuries of being the top ranked player is getting a better road to the final in the earlier rounds (for the most part). That’s the reward for consistency. When Nole is that consistent, the tide will turn for him as well. I think this year will be most telling.
      Quite frankly, the US Open draw far more favored Nadal than Fed. Let’s be fair here! Nole had an atrociously difficult draw in that tournament—the hardest by far.

      • Jenny said

        Just a recap on the US Open

        Nadal > Gabashvili >Istomin >Simon >F-Lo >Verdasco >Youzhny >Djoko

        Federer >Dabul >Beck >Mathieu >Melzer >Soderling >Djokovic

        Djokovic >Troicki >Petzchner >Blake >Fish >Monfils >Federer >Nadal

        I could see potential banana skins for all three.

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