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Which hits from Nadal will haunt Federer forever?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

Stopped Federer from tying all-time Sampras’s record of 286 weeks at No. 1 by just seven freaking days. Considering how sacred anything associated with No. 1 rank seems to be for Federer this one should be up there – for sometime to come.

Held Federer back from beating Borg’s record of five straight Wimbledon titles and possibly tying Sampras’s record of most Wimbledon titles (7) in open era.

Snapped Federer’s 65 match winning streak on grass courts by beating him in his own backyard – in five sets (Federer’s domain).

Clouded Federer’s clear path to GOATness with wrenches that seem endless and relentless.

Denied Federer from reaching 22 Slams as of today by beating him @ 6 Slam finals – on all three surfaces.

Dampened the ‘wonder’ at Federer earning just the second career Slam in open era by not just following one of his own the very next season but even initiate a debate questioning the one Federer earned by literally rampaging through the clay season this year.

Beating Federer @ Roland Garros finals in straight sets – with a bagel and a breadstick – in just 108 minutes.


Hitting on Diana Federer.

Manipulating Mirka to go for the ‘hit’ – with poked condoms.

Praising Djokovic’s ability to not cry like a girl after beating him @ US Open finals with ‘it’s good for the kids’.


22 Responses to “Which hits from Nadal will haunt Federer forever?”

  1. claire said

    Federer “snapped” Nadal’a match winning streak on clay! Of course that shouldn’t count because Nadalie was tired!

  2. Bjornino said

    Praising Djokovic’s ability to not cry like a girl after beating him @ US Open finals with ‘it’s good for the kids’.
    LOL 😀

  3. mircea said

    The only thing that will haunt Nadal will be his knees in a few years. Besides, TP, what makes you so sure Nadal will replicate 2010? Willing to bet a few sheep against your goats Nadal’s 2011 will be a dud.

  4. Jill said

    Sorry but I don’t see what Nadal specifically had to do with not allowing Federer to break the Sampras record of weeks at No 1. It’s not as though Federer was at week 285 and then Nadal beat him. Didn’t Federer balls it up all be himself?

  5. Jill said

    I meant by not be!

  6. Sol said

    Oh, please. Half of these are BS.

    As Jill pointed out, Nadal didn’t prevent Fed from breaking Sampras record at no. 1. It was Soderling who did it by beating him at the FO. Nadal played no role whatsoever in that.

    As for the crying thing, it’s used by people as an argument to bash Fed, nothing more. Anyone who needs to use that against him is someone who ran out of arguments. Just like the people who use the butt-picking against Nadal. Also, if Nadal was indeed refering to Fed’s crying after beating Djoko at the USO, it says more about Nadal than Roger. Let me remind you that Murray cried at the AO the very next year at the exact same place, and noone ever mentions it. Ever wonder why?

    Fed prevented Nadal from reaching things too, if you want to look at things this way. Nadal could have been no.1 far earlier had Fed not been this dominant. He was the only one preventing Nadal from getting the top spot. I don’t think Fed, who is now 29 y.o., is losing any sleep over the fact that Nadal managed to reach the no. 1 spot after all these years.

    The only thing Fed might regret is the H2H because we all know he had opportunities to change those stats.

  7. Jenny said

    Good points from Jill and Sol. As for the ‘crying game’, I’ve seen quite a few bottom lip quivers and teary eyes from many players after a loss, they aren’t wimps, it’s an emotional time when all that match tension and disappointment is released. I think we all [lol even me] felt for Murray when he broke down in tears after losing to Fed at the AO. As Sol says, it isn’t mentioned, and yet Fed is stuck with the crying tag [he also cried when he won his first Wimby when interviewed by Sue Barker, btw] and Rafa tugging at his shorts….sorry, but I don’t call that butt picking, look carefully when he does it, there’s no obvious grabbing of flesh.

    Fed had his opportunities when playing Rafa at the French, but he allowed himself to get lured into Rafa’s trap on clay and imo he lost patience too.

    • M said

      ” look carefully when he does it”
      I did! 😈

      It’s true – it’s just a tic. We all have them.
      I think I also have sympathy because a lot of the muscular men in my family are built like that. It’s a bug and not a feature of the way men’s clothes are made, and not a bug of the lovely physiques they adorn.

      “it’s an emotional time when all that match tension and disappointment is released”

      Exactly, Jenny.
      There’s footage of Roger trying valiantly (but failing) to hide his disappointment in, I think, 2001, when Tim Henman won in Basel against him in the final. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have all that attention focused on you, in your home club, in your hometown, and not take the championship.

      Rafa, also, shed his share of tears after the Wimbledon 2007 final — and, actually, 2008, and Monte Carlo and RG this year, all very very emotional moments irrespective of whether they were victories or defeats, further underscoring your point.

      I’m not sure the people who so excoriate professionals for showing emotion at times like that have any idea what it’s like.
      I think it’s very manly — very human — to be unafraid to show those emotions at those times.

      • Jenny said

        ” look carefully when he does it”
        I did!

        I thought you might, M. 😈 It’s a tic/habit.

      • M said

        He did it back when he was seventeen, Jenny. Along with the same grunt, same buggy-whip forehand …

        Just like Roger had the same look on his face following the ball to his backhand when he was in juniors as he does now.

        We are who we are, for sure.

        “I thought you might, M.”
        LOL. We are who we are (and you know I’d never apologize for good taste or close observation skills)! 😛

  8. Kris said

    Fed should have won 2006 FO

  9. Ash said

    To persistently say that Nadal ‘Stopped’, ‘Held back’, ‘Clouded’, ‘Denied’, ‘Dampened’ Federers legacy is negative nonsense. Federer quite simply didn’t win on these occasions because Nadal was better (and vice verse for Federer’s wins over Nadal). I believe they have both had a positive influence on each other’s games and we are the more fortunate for it.

    • M said

      Well said, Ash. 🙂

    • Jenny said

      I agree, Ash. I think we’re very fortunate having Roger and Rafa at the top, different playing styles, different personalities. I also like watching other players irrespective of rank, they too play their part and many hold my interest, LOL and I can get bored easily. As I’ve said before, no single player is bigger than the game itself.

  10. Andy said

    In my opinion, the thing that Fed should be haunted by, if anything, is the 2009 AO loss itself, a match he totally mismanaged on so many levels. Rafa played well, but Roger screwed himself out of victory more than anything else. Poor game-plan and mental toughness, and I’m not talking about the fifth set but the first and third sets.

    While, I’m a big Fed fan and disagree with a lot of silly things put forth every day on the internet knocking Fed due to the H2H, I will give those on the other side this one point. THAT loss at the 2009 AO, way more than Wimbledon 2008, does indeed create a problem for anyone arguing Fed’s case. It was OH SO IMPORTANT to the dynamic of their rivalry. Their first and so far only meeting at major on a hard court. If Fed would have won it, he would have retained a solid edge on hard courts (match prior to that on hard was Shanghai 2007 where Roger dismantled Rafa). By losing that match Fed opened the door very widely for his critics. Worse than losing though was the way he lost. Wimbledon 2008 was a tough loss, but he can be very proud of the way he fought back. AO 2009 was a different story. He played like a baffoon, in some ways gift-wrapping the first and third sets for Rafa.

    If good old Rog is losing sleep over what has happened with Nadal, this, and not the FO matches (played on a surface which suits Rafa’s game more than Fed), and not the crying after the AO match, should be the reason.

    • M said

      Hey, Andy?
      Any chance we can remember that Fed was trying to serve out a five-set final with a back injury in AO 09?

      Or are we not making allowances for injuries in your argument today?

      (And before this part of the discussion goes anywhere crazy, I think (or hope, anyway) you know I’d also question anyone who doesn’t take the state of Rafa’s knees into account — or any player’s injury, really, especially when they’re still clearly trying to do their best — when criticizing his performances.)

      • Andy said

        Even so M, in my opinion, of all Fed’s matches with Rafa, that is the “one that got away”.

        You see, unlike many fellow posters here, I respectively disagree that the FO matches with Rafa are matches Fed “should have” won. I think Rafa’s topspin and game mentality combined with some other factors give him a significant edge there and that Fed was always fighting an uphill battle in those matches and in any of his clay matches with Rafa. Those were NOT matches that Fed should look back at with much regret (the 2007 final perhaps being a possible exception). Overall, I actually think that Fed performed very admirably at the FO and deserves way more praise than he gets for getting to the stage of playing the great Rafa and battling him as well as he did in all but one of those matches.

        So in the post above I’m simply trying to answer the question on this thread, and as you can see I qualified my answer a couple of times (see “,if anything,” etc.). I have defended Fed time and time again on this internet (not only this site), so your reaction to my comment is kind of funny to me.

        Yes, Fed had many brilliant moments in that AO match too. Yes, he played hard and deserves credit for that. Yes, he had problems with his back, and I agree that this needs to be taken into consideration. And yes, Rafa played well and of course deserves a lot of credit for his performance there. BUT, even so, my answer to the question at hand is that the style of tennis Roger played that day and the missed opportunties (where unfortunately he often gave away points too easily) are things that might (I repeat, might) “haunt” Fed. Even taking into account a back injury, Fed did not play a smart match that day in my view.

        Putting that aside, my answer was also on the significance of that match in particular from a historical perspective. I think that, had Fed won, people would now view their rivalry in a significantly different way (even with everything else being the same). It would be 8-13 now with Fed having the edge at both grass and hard majors. That’s a huge difference from their current record, so in that sense too, the 2009 AO match might (I repeat, might) haunt Fed.

        Anyway, I was just putting forth my answer to the question. That’s allowed in M’s world, isn’t it?

    • banti said

      Worst loss of his career for sure. He mental time bombed himself to that loss.

  11. Anonymous said

    Federer made Nadal endure the longest 2nd-ranked stint
    in the Open Era before Rafa was finally able to wrest away
    the top spot from Roger for the first time, after Wimby 2008.

    Since then, 9 more Slams have been played, resulting in
    4 wins for Nadal, 4 for Federer, 1 for the field [ DelPo ].

    So, Roger dominated like no one else ever has,
    and now he’s…….like, CO-DOMINATING?!?!? :->

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