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Sharapova has found the right ‘guy’ for marriage – not a man.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

The two are a perfect match. Sharapova is aggressive on and off the court in about the right proportion that Wuss is submissive, girly, pathetic at his chosen sport and aimless making it a perfect match – until that boy grows up one day to demand his rightful place in the marriage, that is.

Haven’t you witnessed unions where the break up largely is the case of one clown finally growing up from being an immature juvenile all their freaking life? Sure you have!!!!

Additionally, I think Sharapova did finally beat Serena. Why? Because Serena has been hunting the same ‘preserve’ called the NBA for just this kind of animal – in utter vain. She has flaunted / offered all her attributes from ALL sides to trap such a tame clown with no gain – and lot of pain.

But the Wuss did do one thing right. He proposed at the perfect time. Why? Because this year WILL be his last season not just with the Lakers but with a ball called Basketball at ANY arena. The guy is a joke and a slap in the face of current and former NBA players. He cannot do ANYTHING worthy of NBA standing. He will go into complete oblivion in just a few months from now, popping up only when someone yells out Mr. Sharapova. For him this is more a business deal as he was already drawing milk on rental property. For Sharapova, she may not find another such species to boss around, before her knees become invisible from the sagging of some body parts.

Translation: Win – Win – with a bird to Serena.


19 Responses to “Sharapova has found the right ‘guy’ for marriage – not a man.”

  1. Dee said

    I think TP should replace Dr.Phill asap.

  2. Jenny said

    I have no idea who this guy is, but you make him sound near to worthless, TP. Not all women like ‘barn door’ over the top macho men, they can be strong without all that stuff. Personally I find them a put off. I wish them both well.

  3. O said

    Great great article, TP, totally enjoyed this one, thanks!! TP, keep up.

  4. sperry said

    Curses, i say unto you, TP. One article ago, I praised you for providing a thought provoking paragraph, and then you come up with this… what to call it? Judgmental, mean spirited, agressive, pointless drivel? I gotta go eat dinner, or i could come up with a few more dozen adjectives.

    • TheHumbleOne said

      But THAT’s what’s so great about this website…
      …it’s like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump might say!
      🙂 THO

      • chieko said

        😀 I think TP sama is in very good spirit and he is anxious before Federer san’s match later today!! So he has to pick on someone. And deep in side TP sama likes Shreik san a little bit. SO he has to pick on her pick. I think. 😳 better shut up before I got black listed too.

        PS I am also anxious before Federer san’s match.

  5. Stella said

    so, who is he , and what does it matter if he is a great whizz at his sport? Clijsters seems happy and her man never set the basketball world on fire. Similarly Mirka wasn’t a No 1 or even close.

    • xeres said

      Oh Stella stella

      Great retort. Loved it 🙂

    • chieko said

      No in fact I was told that he is very good at scoring at the penalty line. He can even beat the great Shag san blindfolded. ( my friend who follow basketball told me). His nickname is called The Machine or something like that for he is very accurate. But may be he is not as good other than that . ( Basketball is something I do not know too much about.)

  6. Dee said

  7. bunnee said

    uhhh, don’t hold back ‘kay TP?

  8. Kitty said

    How did he propose her? Didn’t he ever hear her shrieking on court? Imagine the sounds he has to put up with while loading her! He will long for that peaceful night’s sleep. kidding..hehe

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