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Happy Birthday to DSG: October 24.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010


Hey Bluechyll–May I have a birthday notice for October 24?
And may I please have pretty photos of Nadal, Federer, and Edberg. Many thanks!

And Gilles Simon?



40 Responses to “Happy Birthday to DSG: October 24.”

  1. bunnee said

    happy birthday dsg! like the long hair on giles.

  2. Jenny said

    Happy Birthday, D.S.G. Have a great day, and pamper yourself!

  3. TheHumbleOne said

    Here ya’ go, Deep S– I mean D.S.G.!
    Looks like TP forgot one:

    🙂 -THO

  4. Bettyjane said

    Happy birthday DSG! Many more. Hope you have something special planned.

  5. Bonnie said

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday DSG! and many, many more!

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    May yours be the happiest b”day and your gift – the warmest memories, DSG. Best wishes.

  7. Raj said

    Happy Birthday DSG and man happy returns!

  8. avidtennisfan73 said

    Happy Birthday DSG!!! Treasure this special day and do something fun!

  9. Sol said

    Happy birthday little lamb.
    Hope you enjoy your day and don’t go get yourself banned again, ok? We nned you here. Be nice! 😉

  10. M said

    Those are lovely pictures.
    Happy Birthday, D.S.G! Enjoy your day! 😀

  11. ricky said

    Happy birthday! I love Gilles too!

  12. O said

    Happy birth day, DSG!

    TP, she wanted a picture of Edberg, which you did not present. I assume Simon is a fine guy, may be can you get a nice Edberg picture for her, please?

  13. chieko said

    Happy Birthday DSG san, may you have the happiest day in the Deep South and may you be the happiest Girl there today and always!!! 😀

  14. MHM said

    Happy Birthday DSG! Wish you a fantastic day.

  15. CV. said


    Wish For You, Your Best Birthday.
    Live To Enjoy Many, Many, More.

  16. banti said

    Happy Bday DSG! Edburg seems to be missing above so make sure you check out the other thread with Roger and Stephan practicing! So cool.

  17. Ricke said

    Welcome back DSG! Happy Birthday!

  18. RafaFan said

    Happy Birthday DSG! It’s so nice to have you back on this site! 🙂 Ejoy your day!

  19. Stella said

    Happy Birthday my friend and fellow Edberg fan.
    Hope you had a great day and a good year to follow.

  20. Dee said

    Hey Happy birthday!

  21. xeres said

    Happy Birthday DSG 🙂 May the Lord shower his abundant blessings on you on this auspicious occasion.
    Have a great time with friends,family and those adorable creatures=dogs 🙂

  22. chipnputt said

    Happy Birthday DSG — hope you had a great day and wish you a fantastic year!

  23. jett09 said

    Many Happy Returns D.S.G. Hope you have had an awesome day 😉

  24. D.S.G. said

    Well, folks, I was off the computer yesterday as my husband thinks I invite viruses onto his computer when I use it. Haha.So today when I got to my little shop I opened my favorite site and was THRILLED to see your birthday wishes! It truly made me feel happy and I appreciate it so much.

    Here’s how I spent my day: I lolled in bed all day long, napping, then reading my new Agatha Raisin book, and napping some more. I had coconut cake and vanilla ice cream then in the evening my husband and I watched “Midsomer Murders” surrounded by Foxie, Frances, and Kato. To top it off we had a THRILLING thunderstorm with lightning galore. Kato needed special attention so I gave him a valium and wrapped him in a blanket and lay right beside him, holding him tightly.

    It was a very nice, relaxed day. Today the sun is shining and everything is washed clean.

    BUT, Nadal’s picture was a bit disappointing….

  25. Stella said

    sounds like a fun day. Which Agatha Raisin are you reading now ? Have you ever been to the Cotswolds ?

    • D.S.G. said

      Hey Stella- I’m reading “Busuy Body.” It just came out. Alas, I’ve already read all of the others…..don’t care for Hamish MacBeth. I also just finished Jilly Cooper’s latest, which wasn’t her best. Can you recommend other books for me?

      Yes, I’ve both been and adore the Cotswolds. How about you?

      • D.S.G. said

        I meant “Busy Body”

      • Stella said

        was the Jilly Cooper “Jump”

      • Anonymous said

        Yes. It went on for over 700 pages. I love to get a good book that I enjoy and never want it to end… but this one just didn’t make the mark fr me. I loved her “Polo,” Riders,” “Rivals,” and Pandora.” But not so much Appassionata, Wicked, and The Man who Made Husbands Jealous.

        In “Jump” there was too much animal abuse as part of the story for my taste. And she really defended jump racing with all its terrible effects on the animals.

        I appreciate the books you recommended. Oh! do you read Phillipa Gregory’s historical novels? I love them. Also, the chick-lit books of Sophie Kinsella and the behind the scene books of Imogen Edwards-Jones.

  26. Stella said

    I’ll have to look up that one.( my local library says they have it on order ) Havent read it yet but I too have read all the rest. Hamish is OK but they’re all the same. My inlaws live very near the Cotswolds so I’ve been in the area quite a bit.

    Haven’t seen a jily cooper in a while — i used to be a fan of rupert !!.

    I’ve just discovered Jeffrey Deaver — mysteries with a lot of twists and I’ve always enjoyed anything by Jeffrey Archer. I also like Maeve Binchy,and Cathy Kelly ( both Irish ) and also
    J A Jance who writes books set in Bisbee Arizona ,and Stuart Woods and James Patterson

    • D.S.G. said

      Stella, I just ordered “A Prisoner of Birth.” Thanks so much for the tip.
      I think I’ve read all of James Patterson.
      You are so lucky that your in-laws live near the Cotswolds.

      • Stella said

        just looked up Phillipa Gregory — she went to Sussex University — I did too. Wonder which year. Not a great fan of historical stuff although I read lots of Jean Plaidy when i was a kid. I’ve just ordered a Sophie kinsella ( mini shopaholic).
        Jeffrey Archer is interesting. He was a teacher ( taught a friend of ours in public ( private) school in England, was a Conservative MP in westminster, was Chairman of the Conservative party, was made a Lord in the British house of Lords, was a best selling author, got jailed for perjury and wrote several amazing books about it

      • Anonymous said

        Have you read all of the Sophie Kinsella books? I just finished Mini Shopaholic.
        I loved Phillipa Gregory’s books about the great English gardener (Travesant???), and “Virgin Earth”, “A Respectable Trade.”I read one about when Dutch tulip bulbs were so terribly valuable in the 17th century…maybe she wrote that also there was another book about the burgeoning coffee trade in Holland. (I forget as much as I read.)

        Just finished “The Ant Colony” fascinating book based on a true story.

        I sent a facebook inquiry to you—I saw you had mentioned facebook here on this site so I gave it a try. I hope you are the one I contacted!

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