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Happy birthday to Roddick’s Girl (aka Fatma’s) sister: October 24.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010


29 Responses to “Happy birthday to Roddick’s Girl (aka Fatma’s) sister: October 24.”

  1. Dee said

    Happy birthday! Have a lovely day and a great year!

  2. Jenny said

    Belated Happy Birthday, Roddick’s Girl! It’s the 25th in the UK.

  3. bigfish said

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Dee said

    TP, I just checked Happy birthday.
    RG’s birthday -Nov 26th.

  5. Deep South Girl said

    It’s still the 24th here in Central Daylight Time so:


    I hope all your tennis wishes come true (unless they conflict with mine-lol)

  6. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    Oh thanks TP & everyone
    Dee he ment My Sis’s B-day not mine 😛

  7. Claire said

    Happy belated birthday Roddick’s girl. Hope it was a great one. 🙂

  8. Dalia said

    Happy birthdaaaaaaaayyyyyy hope u enjoyed yr day =D

  9. bluechyll said

    Happy Birthday Fatma’s sister!!
    May we know your name?
    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  10. Bonnie said

    Hope you had a great day and many, many more!

  11. Dory said

    What’s this “Roddick’s girl sister”?

  12. Raj said

    Belated Happy Birthday to sis and many happy returns!

  13. Gracie said

    Belated Happy Birthday Roddick’s Girl. I hope you had a really great day!

  14. Jenny said

    Belated Birthday greetings from me too!

  15. chieko said

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    Also it is nice to see some of the names from last year like Deep South Girl san. I really miss her postings .

  16. chieko said

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    It is so nice to see some of last year’s greetings also’ I really miss Deep South Girl san. Too bad she never responded to me plea at other sites. I hope she will come back one day.

  17. Bonnie said

    I agree with you Chieko san, I haven’t seen Deep South Girl in a while either. It was nice to see her. I hope she’s doing well.

    • Bonnie said

      Wow’s it’s been another year already! Well, Happy Birthday Roddick’s Girl. Enjoy the day!

      • chieko said

        Agree Bonnie san!! AND BTW our Deep South Girl girl ( what an original and lovely name, I miss that name always!!) is back and she is now called D.S.G. She was away and she is back!!! 😀 I do hope that she will have a mail box soon so all her friends can talk to her !! Yes.

        Happy Birthday to you Roddick Girl san (a.k.a. Fatima’s sister)!! The happiest return to you!! Please post more often, I miss your posting.

  18. Raj said

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Ricke said

    Don’t see her post anymore. Is she still online? Happy Birthday if you are still a Planet member.

  20. CV. said

    Enjoy Your Day To The Full.
    Live To Have Many, Many, More.

  21. RafaFan said

    Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day!

  22. Dee said

    Happy birthday!

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