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Happy birthday to Zihwye – October 28.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 28, 2010

i dont want Murray & Gasquet pics this year. =) I want Safina & Rafa. (:

I want Rafa/Murray/Gasquet pics for my birthday.


33 Responses to “Happy birthday to Zihwye – October 28.”

  1. Dee said

    Happy b’Day! Have a lovely day! You are older than you’ve ever been but younger than you ever be!

  2. Ch said

    Happy Birthday, Zihwye…
    other than that, I am speechless

  3. TheHumbleOne said

    Okay, bottom one’s Rafa, next one up is Murray, but the top picture…? Who’s “Doin’ the Butt” with Ivanovic?

  4. Jenny said

    Happy Birthday, Zihwye!! Have a lovely day! Great, you got your photo wish from TP, hope you get more wishes too.

    lol TP, you’ve started a great trend.

  5. avidtennisfan73 said

    Happy Birthday Zihwye!! That’s a great picture of Gasquest…did you notice Tsonga in the background (also shirtless).lol…

  6. Claire said

    Happy Birthday Zihwye 🙂 Have a great day!

    That 1st picture is interesting, TP!!

  7. bunnee said

    i hope gasquet’s recovery strategy is working…

  8. Esther said

    Happy Birthday Zihwye

  9. Schop said

    Zhiwye happy birthday!
    Have a great day and enjoy your pictures!
    Best wishes!

  10. Gracie said

    Happy, Happy Birthday Zihwye!!

  11. Deep South Girl said

    In answer to your question, Humble: that would be Serena

    Zhiwye–First of all: Happy Birthday!
    That’s a FINE bunch of pictures that you requested. Make a wish and maybe you could be the naughty lady dancing avec Gasquet.

  12. bigfish said

    Happy Birthday Zhiwye!!!

  13. zihwye said

    Heyy Thanks all (:

  14. Sol said

    Happy birthday Zhiwye! Your name is intriguing. Where does it come from?

    Anyway, enjoy your day and your pics.

    LOL THO and DSG! you two crack me up… Ivanovic and Serena…LOL

  15. Dalia said

    happy Birthdaaaaaaayyyy Zhiwye!!! hop eu enjoyed it and had a blast

  16. Jenny said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Zhiwye! Have a great day. TP has chosen some great pics for you, which includes one of my old favourites, Carlos Moya!

  17. Raj said

    Happy Birthday, Zhiwye! What Nationality are you?

  18. Bonnie said

    Hope you have a great birthday Zhiwye! Keep smiling!

  19. Sarah said

    Happy Birthday. Love the first picture.

  20. Bettyjane said

    Many happy returns of the day. And finally a photo of Andy Murray where he doesn’t look disgusting!

  21. chieko said

    Happy Birthday to you!! Please tell me how to prounce your name.

  22. Bettyjane said

    Happy birthday. Many more.

  23. Claire said

    Happy Birthday! 🙂
    TP, why do some of the posts say “2008”??? My post says 2008- mine from last year!!!?

  24. Sol said

    Happy b-day!

  25. zihwye said

    Hi all =)
    yeah this post is recycled from last year’s.
    thanks everyone!

    my name is not actually zihwye, thats what i use on the web. its actually something i came up with from part of my initials, Z.Y. is pronounced “zee – why”, which becomes zihwye.
    i know its a bit of a stretch. my friends laugh about it endlessly. haha.

  26. Gracie said

    Happy Belated Birthday Zihwye! Hope it was a good one.

  27. Jenny said

    Happy Birthday, Zihwye! Have a great day! I love the pic of Nadal and Moya, nice choice by TP 🙂

  28. Bettyjane said

    Happy Birthday Zihwye—enjoy yourself!

  29. Raj said

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day.

  30. Bonnie said

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more.

  31. D.S.G. said

    Dear Zihwye, my best wist wishes to you. I hope you had a good day.



  32. chieko said

    Happy Birthday to you Zihwye san!!

    P.S. Thank you for explaining how to pronouce your name last year.

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