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Another record for Nadal!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 22, 2007

By winning at Stuttgart, he is now 25-3 in the finals, lifetime. That’s the highest percentage in the Open Era.

He beat Wawrinka of Switzerland in the finals to win his 6th title of the year.

You think he was thinking about his Wimbledon loss to another guy from Switzerland, during the match? You think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think he got some extra satisfaction beating a guy from the country? You bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s his way of getting back and salvage some pride – psychologically.

Then one more thing happened, that definitely would not have amused Nadal. Wawrinka received a text message from Federer before the match.

You bet, that was on Nadal’s mind during the match, and will remain on his mind as another hit from Federer, alongwith the snapping of his 81-match winning streak, bagel at Wimbledon and Hamburg and the loss two weeks ago.

Nadal has won freaking 93 of his last 94 matches on clay. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Federer doesn’t need an angry and motivated Nadal across the net. ‘Let sleeping elephants, sleep’ is a good moto. There are numerous examples in sports and every freaking human endeavor, where the underdog when humiliated and stimulated or taunted, has turned the tables, time and time again.

Michael Jordan did it when his team was labeled a loser and his manhood was challenged, by the opposing coach. Shaq did it when he was called out by Vlade Divac of the Sacramento Kings. Bryant has done it many times. Ali did it against Foreman when he was considered an underdog in that famous fight.

We have all experienced it in our personal lives, too. Whenever we are taunted and challenged and our manhood is on the line, we bring that extra effort to prove people wrong. You don’t want to stimulate that passion in your arch rival.

Or do we? Maybe that’s what we need to nurture this rivalry and witness the best tennis of all time. Go for it, Federer. Need some suggestions? Refer to Uncle Tony as Aunt Tony at your next press conference. Soderling has some fresh new ideas too.

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