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Can Federer or Nadal get stabbed on and off the court?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 28, 2007


Freaks, whose jaw has already fallen on the ground after reading this, may not know of numerous instances of such incidents around the sports world.

You’ve got to be in coma, if you haven’t heard of Monica Seles, getting stabbed in her back by a rabid Graf fan, during her match against Steffi Graf.

Steffi was ruling the women’s tennis, when Seles came along and started winning, taking away the limelight from Graf. That was enough motivation for this fan to stab Seles, when she was sitting on the chair during the change over. For more on that, click here.

Does that scenario sound familiar?

All it takes is just one knuckle head and there you are.

Here is another angle to it.

When Mohammad Ali fought his now-famous fight against Sony Liston to claim the heavy weight title of the world, something similar happened. 

Within minutes into the fight, Sony and his corner realized, Ali was much superior and would win the fight. So they allegedly rubbed some cream on Sony’s gloves. That cream irritated Ali’s eyes so much that he asked his coach, Angelo Dundee, to cut his gloves and call it a day.

How different would the course of history be today, if Dundee had complied. Instead Dundee, tried to wash the cream off with sponge etc. and sent Ali back.

Ali went back into the next round, virtually blind, and took some serious punishment. But Sony was not able to deliver that big punch, to knock out Ali, despite his impairment. By the next round, Ali’s eyes had cleared and the rest is history.

You have heard of Tania Harding and Nancy Carrigon, haven’t you? The ice-skater tried to break her opponents legs before the competition. Yes, BREAK!!! Like two pieces. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

Then, you cannot forget that Lakers game against Sacramento Kings at Sacramento, couple of years ago. Kings were one of the major contenders for the NBA championship, and the biggest, and probably their only hurdle, were the Lakers.

And among the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, in particular, was the real thorn. So what did they do?

When Kobe ordered a burger from room service for dinner, they allegedly slipped in something, more than just lettuce, in the burger. Kobe fell sick. I think Lakers won the game despite that. Are you getting the drift.

The freaking point is this: When the prize at stake becomes an obsession, all means to secure it, appear fair game. It could come from your competition or it could come from just about anywhere else. How about fans?

Do we have any ingrdients here, in the tennis world, for this obsession to take over? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

Federer cannot get to his GOAT status because of Nadal, and Nadal cannot get to the number 1 spot because of Federer. Are they precious prizes? You think!!!!!!!!!!!!

The polarization of fans, because of these two superstars, is reaching feverish pitch. Federer fans cannot stand Nadal and vice versa. There is very little gray area. So far both players have appeared amicable and friendly on the surface.

But when alone, this has to weighing heavily on their minds. If through some magic, they could just make the other dissappear, they would have the title the whole world covets and realize their dream.

Fans are thinking the same. But is there a lunatic fan out there, with marbles in the upper chamber? If you have been to any of these tournaments, you know, the security at these events are a joke. There is not even a metal detector at the entrance.

That’s like asking for it in today’s world.

With a precedent right here in the tennis world, it is time for the authorities to take appropriate measures to beef up security not only on the court, but off the court too. Maybe Federer and Nadal need to hire personal security and limit public appearances to secure locations only.

Paranoid? Maybe. But what do they say ‘It is safer to err on the side of precaution’ or is it ‘an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure’?

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