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Can Nadal get to ten majors and beyond?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 15, 2008

Well, if he has mastered Wimbledon and Roland Garros is a virtual lock for at least his 26th birthday, that’s two majors per year for four years which is eight. Eight plus five should get him 13, if he does nothing on hard courts.

Even if you give him just one per year and nothing beyond his 26th birthday, he is still with nine. That’s more than Agassi, Connors, Lendl and McEnroe. Only thing that can stop him from getting there appears to be his health. No human is even close to denying him what now appears inevitable.

But if he recovers physically, is able to win majors past his 26th year and can win on hard courts, he can easily surpass No. 14. Federer has to aim for much higher if he wants his major record to remain sacred for years, if he can first pass Sampras, that is.

Unlike Federer who had to struggle to get his fifth straight title at Wimbledon, Nadal’s journey at Roland Garros appears to be getting easier if this year’s finals scoreboard is any indication. Barring any physical hurdle, Nadal should realistically end up with at least seven Roland Garros titles – all straight.

That’s awesome, considering how long the old record stood alone. Now two players in the same era are about to tear it down, barely ten years apart from when it was done by Sampras for the first time. It has lot to do with the conviction a precedent unleashes. Now No. 14 is the new benchmark, like 8 was few years ago.

By the time Federer and Nadal are done, it may move up even higher, essentially guaranteeing the birth of  the next superstar of tennis.

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