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Should there be consortium of top players for advice?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 4, 2007


If you have ever reached the No. 1 rank, and you are now retired, it becomes mandatory for you to become part of a select group of players called ‘tennis elders’ or some such crap.

For a fee, current players can take advantage of this brain consortium, by submitting their requests to this board, to seek advice on how they can improve their game.

For instance, Nadal could submit his request to master other surfaces, reduce the wear and tear of his typical game etc. The board gets together and within a month or so comes back to him with their recommendations. Maybe some top coaches could be part of this too.

The freaking point is to utilize the expertise lying dormant and being wasted. Can you imagine a panel like this advising you: Sampras, Laver, Borg, McEnroe, Agassi, Connors, Lendl, Becker, Edberg etc? Can it improve someone’s game? You think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is also a way for the past greats to give back to the game. The aim is to improve the quality on the court to the better good of the sport at large. These balding guys are not doing anything great anyways with their freaking time.

It will benefit the lower ranked players more, thereby creating intense competition all around.

Public spanking should be reserved, for asking stupid questions with obvious answers. Bartoli? Safin? Actually, reserve this for female players only.

For promising retired players who never reached the No. 1 rank, recycle them by forcibly mating them with current No. 1s, in the hope for the next elite of tennis. 

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