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Displaced ‘team sport’ and ‘individual sport’ players.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 18, 2007


Hewitt is lucky he is in individual sport. They would have killed him, long time ago, in a team sport.

Both Federer and Nadal would have done equally well or better, in team sport. Soccer. What else?

Andy Murray would be a road kill by now, if in team sport. I can see Brooke smiling.

Sharapova. Do I really have to say anything. Grave would have been dug, years ago, and both of them would have been buried alive. Remember ‘Casino’?

Kobe Bryant is hurting for choosing a team sport, so is TO.

Some people just cannot get along, as well as it is needed, in a team environment. Doesn’t mean they have no talent. It’s just that they are misplaced.

Pete Sampras would have been a fish out of water in team sports.

John McEnroe. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!! He couldn’t have made $10 in any other profession, leave alone team or individual.

Lendl would have been a disaster at team sport.

Borg should be thankful, there was tennis. He would have been miserable, if he had to talk or motivate others.

Both Chris Evert and Navratilova would have been equally well adjusted in team sports. Navratilova would have actually preferred it, for a whole other set of reasons, but it was too late, when the surprised dawned on her.

Both Blake and Roddick would have had no problems on the other side.

Safin could have barely made the cut at team sports. He may be tolerated more for his talent than his social skills.

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