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Fun stuff Djokovic has said / wanted to say / is thinking of saying, about Federer.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 16, 2007

-Federer has no teeth. Even when he smiles, there is nothing there.

-This is the last year of Federer winning a Grand Slam. No more Grand Slams from now on.

-Federer is gay. That explains his attendance at fashion shows and the need to ‘dress up’ and look pretty. And did you see the Gillette commercial? Him caressing Woods on the cheek. Woods is the pitcher there, for sure.

-Can anyone even see the difference after that $800 hair cut? It is still jumble of dishevelled bunch to me. What a joke.

-He was lucky at this US Open. Luck is his only ally now. It’s about to run out, SOON.

-My mom is prettier and classier than his. Even Nadal’s parents are better looking than Federer’s.

-My girl friend Jellena is prettier and is not morbidly obese.

-Have you seen his long face whenever he loses? He almost becomes a horse, with his nostrils practically touching the ground.

-He keeps tugging at his shorts at his left upper thigh, trying to pull it out of his scrotum. That’s not too different from what Nadal does. No class.

-My father is a business owner and not some salesman in a pharmacutical crap company for South Africa, of all the places. Actually he was given that territory because no one wanted it.

-I am better than him, compared to where he was at 20 years of age.

-As my dad correctly said, he is scared of me and has admitted to that, at all the press conferences and interviews.

-He has never had a tennis player in his box ever. And he has never had a bigger fish than Robert De Niro.

-I am getting more press coverage than him even after gifting him the US Open.

-Federer is dry and boring. I have a much better sense of humor.

-I love to see him bent over, while I keep bouncing the balls before the serve. What fun. Oh, now. No, not now. Oh now. Oh, not now. Keep that fanny up in the air little longer, dude and keep twirling the racket.

-That black outfit was outrageous. Everyone was making fun of it in the locker room. His new name: Pretty boy.

-I can speak as many languages as he does. So pack it in, pretty boy.

-He doesn’t even own a house. Lives in apartments. I have a huge house. It’s because he is a miser. That’s why he is without a coach. He cannot part with his money. Miser pretty boy.

-I will break all his records. He won’t break Sampras’s record. I will make sure of that.

-Federer’s relationship with Mirka is plutonic. She is just an employee. Wawrinka is the one getting all the action.

-I was able to attract a blonde model like Sharapova with my looks and without an $800 hair cut.

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