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Reason, Federer is almost always able to pull himself out of a hole, is because so many are praying for him worldwide.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2007

I cannot remember another althlete who has been so immensely loved, by so many people from every walk of life. He has broken down all barriers. People have united as one, to support and pray for him.

Maybe Borg had that too, but never to this extent. And he was that distant athlete. Roger is accessible, like one of us. He never makes an effort to ‘put on’ stuff, he remains himself, and lets the chips fall where they should.

I remember there was some movement somewhere, where people decided to collectively meditate for world peace. People from all over the world would get together at the same time, and meditate to send this positive vibe across the globe.

Is that what’s happening here? Just watching the fans in the stands during a Federer match, you can tell how badly they want him to win. If he is in a hole, some have openly opened their hands towards heavens to ask God for his victory, so he can be happy. That kind of collective effort, from so many people of every color, race, creed, religion, nation has to register big on God’s radar.

The lucky breaks he has received, specially this year, must have some connection to the worldwide support he has from adoring fans. Thinking about Wimbledon?

I remember reading about this experiment they conducted at a University here. Under controlled circumstances, they got participants to think whether they wanted heads or tails on the coin toss. They concluded that many particicpants were able to will heads or tails. Conclusion: thoughts have a tendency to mix with the real world and  alter the outcome.

I have been trying that for some hot babes for years. Maybe it takes time for the vibes to break through from the basement. But this Federer thing has given me hope.

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