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Downside of compacting 12 Grand Slams or 51 titles in four years.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 8, 2007

Sampras won his first Grand Slam at age 19 and his 12th one at age 28. That’s nine years of work. Federer won his first at age 22 and 12th at 26. That’s four freaking years.

That’s completely unheard of in the history of the sport. No one, except Nadal, has even been allowed a peek.

Either the schedule has to be altered significantly from now on, or better roll out the red carpet for the injury guest. You can only stretch it so much when up against nature. We all have to kneel down, or risk taking a career ending hit.

I don’t know how far today’s medical science or psychotherapy or any such BS, can extend that kind of brutal attack on the human body and mind. But it is fair to assume, considering it has never been done and we have not yet discovered that magic pill, it is wise to err on the side of caution.

Even if you consider, the easier time Federer has had disposing opponents compared to Sampras, it is unlikely to compensate for that difference of five freaking years. What Federer has experienced this year, may well be the rumblings of a message, he needs to take seriously.

Any artificial tactic used to mask the tiring body and mind, other than complete rest, may back fire violently. Something has to give. Borg is a living example of what it can do, whether it is physical, mental or both.

I think, once he secures his year end No. 1 ranking, Federer should call it a season, and just freaking plain give his body total rest. Cancel all tournaments for the year, that goes beyond the ranking BS.

If not, the risk mercury will rise, to possibly make some serious damage, at this absolutely crucial juncture, when the fruits are hanging low. All that is needed is being there, under the tree, physically and mentally.

Will these two months prove decisive, or will next year reveal a new champion?

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