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FBI investigates Federer’s loss to Volandri.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 12, 2007

Apparently everything is not on the up and up at the loss Federer suffered at the hands of Volandri from Itlay.

FBI is investigating the matter. Below are series of events that made FBI suspicious. 

According to FBI spokesman, they have discovered that Volandri travelled to a small city called Corleone in Italy, back in January of this year. He initially met with a lawyer named Tom Hagen for two hours.

Next month, he was back there on February 15. This time he met a man by the name of Michael Corleone. According to wire tapes on location, the meeting lasted for 15 minutes.

The county records indicate Volandri is the Godson to this Corleone character. Next day Tom Hagen left for Switzerland for one day. According to tapes, the draw at Rome was discussed. This is Volandri’s home event and he has been trying to win here to boost his sagging career. No agreement was reached.

Next day, a character by the name of Luca Brasi was summoned at Corleone’s office. Luca was transported to Switzerland by a private jet immediately after the meeting. He was later found at the apartment of Federer.

Microphone picked up words like ‘I am going to make you an offer you cannot refuse’. Luca was seeing whispering something in the ears of Federer. Federer bluntly refused the offer. Luca took the flight back home.

That night Federer found a black cat in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Mirka screamed at the ghastly sight. Federer was seeing making a call and essentially accepting the offer.

It was later discovered from the documents seized from Federer’s tennis bag, that it was his agreement to let Volandri win at Rome.

But the documents also indicate that, Federer was clever enough to trade this favor, by insisting that he gets a guarantee in writing that he wins the French Open for the next two years. FBI believe the dizzy spells Nadal is experiencing could be part of this scheme.

FBI is also looking into the shopping trip Mirka had with a lady named Kay Adams when she was visiting Los Angeles during the Indian Wells tournament.

Lot of people have been questioned, the most prominent being a gentleman by the name of Barzini. He denies any knowledge of such activities.

As the investigation progresses many prominent people of the society are being linked to this shocking scandal. In the light of above, the draw at the French Open has been sealed and extra security is being provided for Nadal.

Records of previous tennis legends are being unearthed to detect any questionable activity. More on it as it unfolds.

Please let us know if any of you zombies have any further details on this.

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