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Federer and Nadal – Fix the matches. We are having great success with it, here in the US.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 21, 2007

I have been crying about it for so long. All you two jokers have to do, is sit down like matured adults, and decide in advance who is going to win or lose in the finals of every freaking tournament.

Then let people from all over the world, make bets on the matches. The fans are happy, you are happy. It is a win win for everyone. Maybe you might not be aware, this is how we settle our differences in the matured adult world – using common sense and without stressful situations.

And then if you get caught, all you have to say, is that the Mafia mobsters forced you into it. They threatened to wipe off your family, and everything you worked so hard all your freaking life. Who wouldn’t sympathize with you? It’s a no brainer.

Every sensible human in that situation, would do just that. So the scapegoat is that bad mafia guy they will never find. Well, they will, but without the pulse. So the evidence is, well, destroyed.

You see, how tight it is? There are easier and more sensible ways, to achieve what you want in life.

Haven’t you heard of this NBA refree who was caught fixing basketball games for the mafia? Everyone came out ahead except the knuckle head regular fans. Who cares about them? They should have made the bets and be part of the next trend in sports. If you have been busy watching porn all this while, click here for more on this classy story.

William sisters have been doing this for ages. Maybe Borg, McEnroe and Sampras, Agassi did that too. Change that to ‘they did’. That’s why they are all freaking buddy buddy, after that intense fake rivalry during their playing days.

Are you seeing the logic here, and how easy your life can be with this incredible formula? For the record, I did not suggest that. You just heard it in the locker room. Good luck with it.

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