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Federer fires coach Tony Roche. Thank God!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on May 12, 2007

FINALLY. I have been harping about this for the last 200 years. Zombies, sleeping while I was at it, click here.

Hind sight is 20/20, but there was enough freaking evidence not to have gone in that direction in the first place. That’s a loss of 2 1/2 years. But what do they say ‘better late than never’.

Federer, please accept my standing ovation for taking the step. It is obvious you have been reading the posts on this site. I applaud your intelligence for taking my advice. Now I think you are smart.

For heaven’s sake, please make clinical research before hooking up with the next one. Basing it on the guy’s track record would be good start – something you clearly ignored with Roche.

My recommendation is Brad Gilbert. I know, I know – Murray and the stuff. But this is survival of the fittest. Everything is game. If Gilbert agrees, no one can fault him for moving on to a better job. That sounds fair to me.

What’s in it for Gilbert? A lot. He has an incredible track record with Agassi and Roddick and is extremely eager to pad his resume to bring another player to the top of the world – in your case, the world of clay.

I cannot think of anyone else worthy of the assignment. Plus, there is no question that he is not exactly thrilled with his association with Murray, despite the spike in rankings he has been able to generate for his pupil. Click here, for more on that.

Make this a fresh start for the second part of your career. This is the stretch where you will need to rely on many intangibles. It requires professional and meticulous tinkering of the tools in your arsenal to sustain your incredible run.

It needs a new regimen to improve your physical attributes to enable you to keep pace with the younger and more physical field of adversaries. Above all, it is imperative for your belief, confidence and psyche. With Brad in your corner, you will have that from day one, without ramping on to it.

Go for it and this could be a turning point. Good luck.

Here are Federer’s comments.

“I thank Tony very much for his efforts over these last years, during which I appreciated the 12-15 weeks per season we would work together,” Federer said on his site. “I am also grateful for the sacrifice he made, traveling so far from his home in Australia and leaving his family.”

He also added that he needed to “get back on the practice courts instead of the match courts.”

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