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Federer gets angry. Fires back.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 9, 2007


Following is the actual reply received from Federer on the ‘tough questions’ post from yesterday:

“I have been reading some of the nonsensical crap, you have been writing about me on this stupid site, for sometime now. I have had it now. I have known enough ‘basement junkies’ in my life, to know exactly what kind of a pathetic loser you are.

No wonder, you cannot even get it on, with goats in your filthy basement. You have to trick them into drinking wine and cheap vodka, to satisfy your perverted urges.

Just step on the tennis court once with me, and I will answer all your ‘tough’ questions, once and for all.

God, I love all your creatures, but this one appears to be in a hurry to come to you prematurely.

It’s none of your freaking business (crap, I cannot believe I used your lame word), what Mirka and I are planning for the future. Just concentrate hard, so you don’t ‘kill’ another inflatable there. We are both fine, with the way things are.

She is obese for a reason, and your bird brain will never understand that. I like to have and feel stuff in my hand, and elsewhere, instead of clanking against a skeleton. You got a problem with that?

Oh, I guess, you do, since all you get in your hand is wool, fur and plastic. BTW, have you ever stepped out of that dark, damp dungeon of yours, lately?

Besides, it was traumatic for me to go through the divorce of my parents. It has scarred me for life. I am scared to tie the knot. Recent and past ‘tennis divorces’ have only strengthened my resolve.

Furthermore, I have lost a little interest in her lately, after some ‘over the top’ weight gain. And I want to know who told you about Wawrinka. I can make you a very rich basement lunatic, for that information. Conversely, your mom could be renting that basement to some college student soon. Get the picture, you freak?

And my nose is fine. Mirka, is specially fond of it. You wouldn’t know what I am talking about. It’s about us humans, you animal farm resident, won’t get it.

And stop spreading rumors about my decline. I am going to get the calendar Grand Slam next year, and then demolish that basement of yours, along-with that twisted bird brain.

And regarding that other joker like you, Djokovic, I don’t like him, because he is taking a little bit of my limelight, and also because he has an arrogant attitude.

What’s wrong with that? I don’t have to like everybody. Unlike you, I am human and have normal human emotions. Do you want me to fake it? Being truthful is important to me, instead of cooking up stories from underground.

Most of your visitors are sane, knowledgeable fans. I cannot believe, why they even bother to read all the crap and BS you write on this site. Trust me, they are here only out of sympathy, for your affliction. That’s all. Don’t confuse them for anyone else. They are all MY fans.

Hope this puts you in your place. If I read any more slander about me again, get ready to move into a cardboard box, for that basement will have new tenants, after I am done with you”.

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