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I want to see Federer ‘gone wild’.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 18, 2007

Not ‘that’ wild, you perverted freaks!!!!!!!

I mean, when there is no doubt, as to who is going to win, I would like Federer to step back, and go for his complete arsenal. Go for his ‘out of the world’ shots. Pull the trigger at every shot, just to see how far he can stretch it. Just absolutely loose and limber.

What a video would that be? Not only will it shorten the points, it may very well rekindle something new, fascinating and dormant.

Serve and volley, drop shots, lobs, passing shots, slam dunks you name it.

Now that I wrote it, I absolutely WANT it. Federer, are you reading this? Get on it, NOW.

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