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Federer – how about a coach?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 19, 2007

It is a known fact that our brain is like a battery. Like a battery, each brain has its own capacity. It varies from individual to individual.

Need more power? Add more batteries. Simple as that.

One brain can only go so far, no matter how efficiently it is utilized. More worthy brains equals more power in reaching your goals. Irrefutable fact, borne by history.

The famous saying in life is: ‘It takes two to tango’.

I think a full-time coach at this point in your career, cannot hurt. Want some proof, if it will work?

Heard of some guy named Michael Jordan? He used to play basketball, you know. He was in the NBA for about a decade without a single championship ring. He was a great player and all that, but there are many great players who never reach the pinnacle. Like maybe, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing etc. Jordan relied on his talent to steer his team to a championship. Didn’t work.

Enter Phil Jackson!!! It took Jackson a while to convince Jordan of the viability of his new system, the now famous triangle system. But once both of them got on the same page, the team reeled off six championship rings!!!

There is another obscure guy called Mohammad Ali. He used to box, you know. He went through his early years, scouting for a good coach. He hooked up with many but couldn’t click. In fact, Archie Moore, one of his coaches wanted him to clean and wax floors as part of an exercise regiment. He was quickly booted out.

Enter Angelo Dundee!!! They were together forever, recreating history books and records that are staggering.

From that relationship, flowed a performance that the world had never witnessed and probably will never be duplicated, not only in boxing, but in any sport. He became and some still believe he is, the most recognizable face in the world. The partnership transcended boxing, sports, whatever, like a miracle that people will marvel over, forever.

Oh, there’s another fellow floating around. You might have heard of him. He is called something like Tiger Woods. He plays golf, you know.

He found a coach, friend, confidant, father, mentor, supporter all rolled into one, early in life. That relationship changed the history of the game and by the time the performance is done, it would certainly have changed the record books for good. The result broke race barriers, centuries old. A black man on a golf course? A far fetched reality just few years ago is now a flourishing, respected, awesome, here-to-stay, fresh breath of air for the world to behold and cherish.

Can you even dare to imagine any of the above athletes without their coaches. It wasn’t happening!!! The synchronization of two brilliant minds can produce a product that none of them can imagine and attain individually. Together, the canvas becomes unlimited and the horizons expand beyond what one mind can dare to envision. Together, you are able to see things, you could have never known existed on your own.

Take the step and if the chemistry works, it can produce wonders. History has enough examples, as proof, if you have doubts.

You might say: it has worked for me so far, why should I change?

Well, there is irrefutable stack and stack of evidence that it would have been, without question, a lot better ride with a qualified full-time coach. But that’s all in the past and you did very well on your own.

But now you are entering uncharted territory. Within three months, you will be 26 years old. That’s awe-fully young, but it’s called entering ‘middle age’ in tennis. Without doubt, you will now experience a natural change, in your reflexes and physical movement on the court. That decline has to be compensated somewhere, somehow, for you to continue producing the results you have so far.

That’s where, an expert view from the outside will be invaluable.

Do you think, Andy Murray would have broken the top ten in the world this month, for the first time, on his own, from No. 36 last July, without Brad Gilbert as a coach? That’s just nine months!!! Maybe, Murray could have achieved it on his own, but I doubt, if it would have been so rapid.

There are numerous other examples within the tennis world like Sampras and Agassi.

You are a ripe candidate to use the expertise of a renowed coach at this point in your career. You should not take it as a weakness, but rather as a step to extend your reign and records beyond the elite upper echelons of the game.

I know, it cannot be the money, that you are trying to save, by not hiring a coach. But there doesn’t seem to be another logical explanation to it. Specially when there is mountain of evidence pointing in that direction.

It is worth the investment. Proof is all laid out in front of you.

Here’s hoping you will make the call. 

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