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Federer – How many Wimbledon titles and Grand Slams will he win in his career?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 27, 2007

Everyone has been throwing up numbers, to estimate where Federer will end up, when he hangs up his racket.

Sampras and Agassi have predicted around 18 majors. But what does history and the stats say?

As far as Wimbledon goes, we all know, no one has ever won more than seven singles titles here. Federer is pursuing his fifth one this year.

Sampras won seven titles all together. Four of them came before the age of 26. The last one came at age 28, well, one month shy of 29.

Federer is on pace, but if he wins here, he would have one more than Sampras before turning 26. And if Sampras is taken as a bench mark, Federer should bag at least three more, for a grand total of 8 Wimbledon titles.

As far as majors are concerned, the most anyone in the history has won is Lendl – six – after age 26. So if Federer wins this Wimbledon, he can end up with at least 17 majors, if he ties Lendl.

What about career titles. Most titles won after the age of 26 have been 34 by Connors. His grand total is 109 career titles. Federer is at 48 right now. If he makes it 49 here, that will make it 83 career titles.

All that is of course if he just ties the best records so far. Since he has freaking smashed almost every record so far, it is safe to bet he won’t stop now.

So how many will he end up with? Barring an injury, if he keeps up his level of play, I think he will realistically end up with the following:

Wimbledon: 10. 
Majors: 20.
Titles: 90.

For complete list of legends’ winning record after age 26, click here.

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