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Federer marrying Mirka?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 24, 2007

Federer – Don’t EVEN.

Reason dictates, that we choose to follow a path with the best track record, OK maybe above average. But not the one, where everything is falling apart.

In his interview, Federer talked about making a decision about marrying Mirka, his girl friend for SEVEN years.

Sampras, when asked about his marriage and how it coincided with the downward spiral of his career, said “Certainly, it put a huge strain on our marriage. The media started blaming her for my woes on the court. It was disturbing. You can criticize me but leave my family alone. It was a tough time”.

Hewitt proposed to his then girl friend, seconds after losing the Australian Open final in 2005. He knew that it was going all downhill from there and he might not be able to attract the best mate if he waited any longer. He was right. He got the trophy actress wife and his slide downward hasn’t slowed a bit since then.

You have a perfect thing going. Don’t mess it up. You know in the US, more than half the marriages end up in divorce. Not a great track record.

Here is another record – a list of casualties:

-John McEnroe – OK, he gets a pass.
-Andre Agassi.
-Bjorn Borg.
-Chris Evert.
-Navratilova – well, she would have!!!
-Justine Henin.

I know what you are thinking: it won’t happen to me. That’s what the smartest people in the world said too, like Donald Trump, Johnny Carson, Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney…..

BTW, if you are in the US and involved in any kind of relationship, do yourself a favor and tune in to the radio at 97.1 freeFM at 3:00 pm (PST) and listen to Tom Leykis. You will thank me a million times down the road. Or you can go on line, and hear the pod-cast, right now. What a show!!! Spare yourself the drama.

Oh, coming back to this – Federer you might reason that your parents and grandparents were married for thousand years. Welcome to the new world, pal. Not happening any more!!! Don’t do it, unless you want to add to the already exhaustive list of attention grabbers in your life.

This is the price for the admission ticket to the elite group in tennis world. There are some exceptions like in any rule, but like I often say – the other day a boy fell off a 16-storey building and lived. Should everybody attempt it?

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